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A New Twist To Day Trading Forex...

Did you know that professional traders are resorting more and more to software technology for extracting their profit from the financial markets instead of actually trading themselves?

For years, an evolution has been happening in finance and it’s leading to automated software taking control.  Software has the unique ability over humans in its ability to calculate within micro seconds, take quick action and not be held back by the need for sleep or emotions.

One of the most popular methods of trading by financial institutions and traders alike is scalping.  But getting a scalping tool to work on a real account hasn’t always been the easiest accomplishment.

William Morrison a software developer and trader, who pioneers in the scalping system field, has been revolutionizing scalp trading for years.  And his recent creation is exclusively available here on LeapFX.

His newest software, QuickScalp Trader was designed to function much different than normal scalpers in order for it to be possible to work on most brokers with average spreads and average execution times, while adding in some unique technologies to keep the profits flowing in.

A Quick Note To Beginner Forex Traders

Automated Forex trading is effective and easy for beginners and experienced traders a like.  If you are absolutely new to trading, then automated trading won’t be an issue.

You don’t need to understand how to trade, and we provide you proper support, instructions, and recommendations to get you started.

Why WE Love QuickScalp Trader...

Here's why we love this system and why you should try it yourself!

  • Trades Almost Everyday

    Generally, there are trades almost everyday, with a few days here and there of no trades, such as on days of extremely low volatility.

  • Short Term Trades

    Most trades are closed out within just a few hours, giving you less exposure and risk to strong market movements, and allowing you to lock in profits quickly.

  • High Win Rate

    A high percentage of the trades end up in profit, while most of the losing trades end up significantly smaller than profit trades.

  • All Account Sizes

    Unlike other systems, you can use almost any account size, such as $100.  Or even $100,000.  The system is flexible!

  • Trades Multiple Pairs

    More currency pairs means more trade opportunities.  QuickScalp Trader works great on EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

  • Works With U.S Brokers

    FIFO Compliant, never hedges, and works well on 50:1 leverage.  You can use higher or lower leverage of course.

Trading Results For Quick Scalp Trader

Live trading results, back test results, account statements, and more


Quick Scalp Live Trading Account

On the left is a daily updated stats image for the Quick Scalp live trading account.  This account is strictly running Quick Scalp Trader on it.

You can click on the image to go to the third party website that validates that the account is in fact real with investor access and provides you up to date stats.

Updated Daily Account Statement


Multiple Back-test Results

The following list of images are from various back tests we have done testing QuickScalp Trader against historical data. We tested various account sizes, different risks, fixed lots, and money management.

To examine the details of each back test, simply click the respective button for that image and a window will open with the detailed stats and trades.

$2,000 Deposit, 10% Risk Setting, 60% Profit, 3% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD, (Extremely Low Risk, SAFE)

$4,000 Deposit, 70% Risk Setting, 205% Profit, 26% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD (High Risk Setting)

$10,000 Deposit, 20% Risk Setting, 367% Profit, 23% Drawdown, 2 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD (Medium Risk Setting, Fairly Safe)

$100,000 Deposit, 20% Risk Setting, 169% Profit, 5% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD (Low Risk Because Of Large Account Size)

$250 Deposit, 10% Risk Setting, 346% Profit, 5% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD (Low Risk Setting, Very Safe)

$10,000 Deposit, Fixed Lots, 410% Profit, 6% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD (Low Lot Size, Very Safe)

$100,000 Deposit, 10% Risk Setting, 64% Profit, 2% Drawdown, 1 Year And
4 Months, EUR/USD And GBP/USD (Extremely Low Risk, Very Safe)

Strategy Details for Quick Scalp Trader

We aren't hiding our system behind a "black-box", here are the most important
details you need to know about the Quick Scalp Trader strategy...

  • Runs on EUR/USD and GBP/USD On H1 Timeframe
  • Identifies Trend with Optimized Moving Averages, Then Determines Entry Based on Fractals and Candlestick Movement
  • No Grid, No Cost Averaging, 1 Trade At A Time Per Currency Pair
  • FIFO Compliant, No Hedging, Compatible With All Leverage Accounts
  • Trailing Stop That Locks In Profits Rapidly
  • Trades Last A Few Hours On Average, Not Days
  • Recover And Growth System Designed To Give You Extra Boosts In Profits Safely When Risk Is Set To Low / Medium
  • Easily Works On Real Accounts Unlike Tick Scalpers

The Quick Scalp Trader Package Includes

Here's what is included when you sign up for the Quick Scalp Trader software package...

  • Vendor + LeapFX Support

    The vendor himself (William Morrison) and our team (LeapFX), will provide around the clock support, and attempt to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

  • Instant Software Download

    You get instant access to download the software to run it on any demo or live account, and you can switch accounts anytime.  There is a limit of one account at a time per purchase.

  • Software Updates

    Unlimited software and strategy updates are included.  We will either automatically push the updates to you or send you access to the new version.

  • Detailed Manual

    Included is a detailed step by step instruction manual to help you get setup quickly as soon as just 10 minutes. It’s easy to follow for beginners as well.

  • Our Best Settings

    Quick Scalp Trader is set with our best settings that we use on our own accounts.  All you have to do is set the risk.  If we update the settings, you will receive those updates free.

  • Recommendations

    Don’t worry about what you need to operate Quick Scalp Trader successfully.  We’ve got you covered with our best and most reliable recommendations.

It's important to us that you determine if Quick Scalp Trader is a good fit for you without having unnecessary worry.  That's why we always include an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee for any reason.

Simply set it up and test it on whatever account you prefer and let it run, then decide if you want to keep it or not.  We want to help you find the perfect fit for your investment style.

The LeapFX Guarantee

Our website is dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest traders in the industry.  We do our best to test and verify all systems that we offer on our website.  Although, we are confident in the systems we list, not all systems are right for everyone.  If for any reason you want a refund we will ensure you are refunded even if we have to pay you out of our own pocket.

Try it today, risk-free for 60 days. Just pick your plan and sign up below.

1 Year License
  • Vendor + LeapFX Support
  • Instant Software Download
  • Software Updates
  • Detailed Manual
  • Best Settings
  • Recommendations
  • License Valid for 1 Year
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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