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From the desk of: Lance Hunter
RE: My closely kept secret, the most killer, low risk, accurate trading system you will find!

The feeling I got when I was sitting at the
poker table in the Hardrock Cafe…

When I looked down at my hand and realized that I had a royal flush. 

The pile of chips in the middle of the table were red hot.  I was $500 in and I had just realized that I would be $5,000 out.  That was the most exhilarating feeling I've ever had betting.

And that is the exact feeling that I got when I tested the Power Trader system and realized it worked.

At 2 A.M one night, long after my wife and daughter had gone to bed, I was obsessing over this strategy.  The strategy seemed so good in theory.  Almost too good.

Would it work?

I decided to start an extensive test, crossed my fingers, and put $10,000 into an account, then I prayed that my wife wouldn’t find out how much of my own money I had put in to test this system.

When I test systems, I try to give enough time to see if it will work.  You see, strategies need time to be fleshed out.  The impatient trader or tester always loses.

The more I traded it, the more impressed I became.  But of course, I tried not to get too excited.  What if it was too good to be true?

Then I would have to start from scratch.  Go back to the drawing board and design, test and code more strategies. Then allocate more funds and time to test it.

I really needed a win and was
hoping this would be it

Many months later, on a cold Monday morning when I opened my platform to check how my trades did the previous day…

In that moment, I realized this trading model was ready for me to put my name on and bring public.  I was thrilled.

The system HAD been as good as I had anticipated it would be.

That winning feeling. 

The feeling of riding high on success rushed back to me.

After doing some basic calculations, reviewing risk to reward, and counting the number of winning trades, my hands started tingling and my face got hot.  My pulse raised.

This was it.  I had done it again.  Another win.  And it was about time.

Down to the important stuff, what
will Power Trader do for YOU?

Why is this system successful? Why will it give you the exact feeling that it gives me?

What will Power Trader do for your trading?

Your lifestyle?  Your goals for 2019?

You will be able to answer that yourself while I tell you the only four things you need to know about this system…

  • This trading method is safe.

    When I design and test strategies, I am bold.  But when it comes to my personal finances, I am overtly risk adverse.

    So, when I put my own money into this account, I wanted to make sure it used a reasonable stop loss range.  Typically, the stop loss will be between 10 to 30 pips at most.

    I also made sure that trades wouldn’t be taken if the support or resistance level are to far away from the price action.  Just in case you are new to trading, in which case, welcome.  You are about to get addicted.

    Let me quickly explain support and resistance as a secondary protective measure.  A support level is a significant price in the market where the market respected that pricing and did not break through it.  AKA go below it.  It bounced off it and started rising and therefore recovering.

    A resistance level works the same way, but in the opposite direction.  The resistance is a price set and respected by the market that keeps a currency from going over a certain price level.

    These levels can of course be broken, but when taking into consideration these levels, it significantly increases your rate of success. By making sure that the support and resistance levels are tightly knit to the trades, we can mitigate risk, while maximizing profit.

  • Easily avoid bad trade signals.

    We were able to decrease losing trade signals by up to 95% (crazy right?), by incorporating a built in intelligent false signal filter.  This is a double check on the signal to verify that the signal has a high probability of succeeding.

    If the filter does not align with the trade signal, then the trade is not valid and should be avoided.  This simple filter increased my win rate significantly and gives you an upper hand when trying to avoid the market from tricking you into a bad trade.

  • Powerful trade signals that put winning trades in your account.

    These are high probability predictions that typically appear right before or as price action is priming to breakout in either direction, which allows you to get into trades that are quick and low risk, with a huge reward potential.

    In other words, the market is constantly moving.  If you watch a live chart you will see lots of candlesticks showing the price hovering within a range, then suddenly as if out of nowhere the price will break out of that range either up or down.

    This can happen in 2 ways. It can drift out of the range, or it can be an explosive movement.  These movements are exciting.  Looking at past price history makes you just wish you knew where the price was going because you could have made SO MUCH MONEY.

    Power Trader is literally able to “sense” when one of these specific breaks is about to happen.  We can get in, then when the price of the currency swings further in either direction this is when we can take profit.

  • Evergreen trading

    Yes, I said it, EVERGREEN, the dream word.  You hear it all the time in business.  This is the product or system that continues to work throughout time.  Companies like big hedge funds are always looking for evergreen trading systems.

    That way they don’t have to take the time or money to invest in new systems, revise old ones, or be surprised by a huge account loss when a system suddenly stops working.  It is almost like selling toilet paper.  People will always need it and the need will never change.

    Power Trader has brought the EVERGREEN concept to one of the most volatile industries known to man.  FOREX.  The wildest, most exciting trillion-dollar money machine that ticks 24 hours a day, almost 6 days a week.

    The amazing thing is that we can dip into this market to take incredible profits while leveraging only small amounts of money.  We can be little fishermen catching whales in a vast and bountiful ocean.

Before bringing Power Trader to market it has proven itself to be ACCURATE year after year because of one simple reason…

Even through the crazy U.S. presidential election of 2016, and through the vast volatile economic news releases.  How is this possible you might ask?

The core principles of trading act as the cornerstone for Power Trader.  These principles are fact, almost like gravity and have never changed... and probably never will based on the market's complete history.

Without getting into incredibly boring and hard to understand technical detail, let me at least tell you that these principles take into account price action, volatility and short-term trending.  All you need to know is why and how this system is going to transform your portfolio this year.

Let’s now jump into the fun stuff – what you’re going to get from me.

Everything you will get with Power Trader

  • Power Trader System - The full Power Trader manual trading system that works on multiple currency pairs, with trade alert notifications, templates, indicators, training video, and install video.
  • Works on Multiple Accounts – For your convenience, you can use Power Trader on multiple accounts at the same.
  • Updates – It goes without saying, any and all updates to improve Power Trader are included absolutely free, for life, always.
  • Customer Support – Myself and my team are at your disposal. If you have questions with the installation, or trading Power Trader, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We will respond as fast as humanly possible.

And most importantly you need to know my guarantee…

No Questions Asked Easy Money Back
Guarantee For ANY Reason

I’m going to make this as easy as pie and absolutely no risk for you.  Once you get your copy of Power Trader you can use it how you like, take it for a test drive.  And see that it’s as great as I’ve shown you today.

And if for any reason at all you decide within 30 days that it’s not the right piece of software for you, then just let me know and I’ll refund you every single dollar and cent you paid me as soon as possible.

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