There’s A Simple Secret to Beating The Forex Market And It’s In Plain Sight, Yet 95% Of Traders Miss It Over And Over…

What if you could take this exact secret and kick out up to
82% profit every 3 - 4 months
like clockwork?

That means every $1,000 you put in will give you back $820 profit plus your original $1,000.

Here’s what that would look like for you in overall profit if you re-invest the profits and let them compound…

Compounded… Here’s what it looks like…

In just under 2 years, with $5,000, this simple secret yielded over $1 million. Imagine that?

Becoming a millionaire in under 2 years. Quite an accomplishment, right? Just from being an investor – cool job title, right?

Even with a smaller investment, the profit is nothing to sneeze at, it’s practically a full-time income that competes with any upper middle-class family.

What is this “big” secret and how do
you get your hands on it?

Here’s the deal, I’m going to let you in on this exact secret, but so you better understand it, I need to start by showing you the exact problem that is causing you as a trader to lose money in the first place.

Does this sound like you? (it could be because of an automated trading system or manual trading, it doesn’t matter)

  • Your trading strategy signal lines up, you take the trade, certain you have it in the bag, until you come back later to discover it’s a complete loss.
  • You win a few trades, or maybe a bunch, and within a trade or two you give back all your profits and even lose more.
  • Sometimes you suspect that you are being manipulated or cheated and that if you just flip your trades, maybe you’ll start winning.
  • You invest a nice chunk of money into your trading and it all just goes up in flames; you worked hard for that money and needed it for your family and to achieve your goal of quitting your job before reaching retirement age.

If that’s anything like you’ve experienced, then I apologize, because that is exactly what happened to me and it’s not only stressful, but absolutely frustrating.

And it makes you question whether it is possible or not if you can make a full-time income from Forex trading and whether or not the whole market is rigged to make you lose.

Well I’m delighted to inform you that yes there are some bad brokers out there, but generally the market is not rigged, and you can win, in fact…

You can make a full-time income from Forex trading
just by avoiding these costly mistakes

These are the mistakes that get us all into trouble and result in losing money.

When these mistakes are rectified and accounted for you can significantly increase your success rate in trading.

Then add in the simple secret, which we will discuss in a moment, and you will be unstoppable.

  • Avoid trusting the wrong trading systems.
  • Be patient, when you are not patient you take reckless trades, don’t force trades.
  • Too tight of a stop loss will cost you money as the market and brokers will make sure they get taken out with your money.
  • Avoid allowing too much risk for too little profit on trades.
  • Avoid focusing too much on smaller time-frames, they are less accurate and choppier than higher time-frames.
  • Stop disrespecting the basic rules of the market… trend, major price levels, etc.

Okay – that wasn’t the big secret, but it’s important you understand those facts, so you understand why you keep losing money at trading and what is required to fix it.

I know you’re getting impatient, I’m sorry, but please just hang in there I promise it’s worth it.

What I just shared with you, plus this secret, have
made it possible for me to maintain…

  • A very low risk account of about 10% max
  • Over 80% in profit effortlessly added every 3 – 4 months
  • And surpassing 4,500 pips in winning trades every few months

All of this done…

  • Without stressing or having to stare at the computer screen
  • Without unnecessary risks such as grid or martingale
  • Without having to stay in trades for long periods of time
  • Without having to know how to trade

It made it possible to automatically take trades like these…

Before we go any further and right before I finally reveal this secret to you, which I promise will change the way you trade Forex forever, I must introduce myself to you (it’s only polite, right?).

Who the heck am I and why should you
care what I have to say?

That’s an excellent question!

That's me!

It’s wonderful to meet you, my name is Michael Aigars and I make really good money trading Forex so I can live my life month to month, enjoying it, without having to ever work again, or spend crazy amounts of time in front of the computer.

I get to live life on my terms without worry of bills, without wondering if I can afford something that I really want, like a nice restaurant date with my wife – almost every night.

All that clothes shopping that she does for us. Oh boy it adds up. But none of that is important. What’s important is that I can live a full happy life because of Forex trading and this simple secret makes it possible…

And so can you…

Before trading, I worked, no scratch that, I struggled making ends meet in a corporate job.

Try making $54,000 a year and survive in a major city. You’re literally poor. After living expenses your left with nothing.

I was consumed with stress, fear, and unable to have fun. Something had to change, and quick. A night out with some friends led to a chance encounter with a trader.

John and I hit it off and he joined my inner circle of friends. I quickly noticed he was living almost exactly how I wanted to live, and I had to know how. I asked him to mentor me and fortunately he agreed – at that moment everything in my life changed, for the better.

He taught me everything he knew about trading and the super simple secret that allows him the pleasure and myself of continually beating the Forex market year after year.

Finally, the super simple secret to beating
the Forex market is revealed…

Throughout history there have been countless strategies created that have risen and fallen. That is why you’ve probably heard that no trading system lasts forever and eventually they fail.

This is only partly true.

These systems that fail, typically don’t stand the test of time, because they are designed within the constraints of market history in a specific span of time and the strategy is statistically designed based on those specific points, thus it cannot last for forever.

And it’s quite possible at least one or more of the basic rules I mentioned earlier are broken, which means it’s just a matter of time before the trading system implodes in your face and takes your account with it.

The secret to winning year after year, without fail, without having to “adapt to the market” is: a combination of pattern recognition, human intelligence and sophisticated automation.

That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense yet, so let’s break it down.

Pattern Recognition: Have you ever heard of standard trading patterns such as head and shoulders, wedges, double tops, etc.?

Here let me show you what they look like…

If you haven’t heard of trading patterns, that’s okay, they are formations of pricing that provide us a graphical representation of what’s going on behind the scenes in the market.

Simply, this just means it helps us figure out among buyers and sellers, who exactly is winning the fight. And the group that wins will cause the trading currency to move further in that respective direction.

Buyers win: the currency is going up… Sellers win: the currency is going down.

This very simple concept works over and over again and doesn’t just stop working because of the simple laws of supply and demand. It’s the same concept as the law of gravity, you don’t expect gravity to stop working next week do you?

When you combine the rules that I described a few minutes ago, plus trading the patterns, you’ll be able to trade in a way that gives you at least a 85% to 95% chance of winning.

You will easily crush your trades daily, just like these trades that I’ve taken recently…

That’s the first part, now let’s discuss the 2nd piece to the puzzle.

Human Intelligence: Technology and machines, they have all come a long way. No matter how much we advance, the human brain still is miraculously powerful and able to interpret data much differently than a machine.

Now don’t get me wrong, technology can blow away a human in many ways, and the 3rd piece we discuss is automation, but human intelligence is very much important to making this possible.

Once an opportunity is spotted it must be verified that all conditions align by a human. A system can do this, but not quite as perfect as the human brain.

The best part is you don’t need to be the one checking! How??

Automation: Do you have time to sit around verifying trades, opening them up, and managing them? It’s fun and exciting, but it can get tedious when you have other life commitments – errands, family, work, trips, etc.

Sometimes I miss a few days of trading just because my wife wants to take a short trip to the country side, enjoy the weather, go shopping, and have a nice dinner.

It’s great, I love every moment of it. But nearly impossible to trade and make money while I’m busy with family.

So, the last component is automation. This is where everything we’ve discussed up until this point is 100% completely done for me, no intervention, no trade management, nothing.

Trades are opened, managed, and closed for me. Easy as pie, right? Are you thinking how is the human intelligence component automated?

Great question, I was hoping you were still paying attention!


I have trusted traders that I pay to approve or deny a trade the system throws out. To avoid human error and interference they are limited to a yes or no on the trade. The system will only allow them to choose one choice, they cannot do anything else.

Simply – they look at the trade setup that pops up, and they approve or deny if the trade makes sense and nothing is out of the ordinary such as news events or some sort of failure in the pattern.

That is my secret to beating the Forex market and achieving
almost 82% profit every 3 to 4 months like clockwork.

What do you think about everything I’ve shown you so far? Is this a system you would want to try for yourself?

If you’ll give me just a few more minutes of your time, I’d love to tell you all about Pattern Trader Pro and how you can have it trade your account for you starting as soon as today.

Everything we just discussed on how to trade, what’s best to avoid, and the simple secrets to trading successfully… is exactly what the core building blocks of Pattern Trader Pro is built on.

Here’s what you need to know about Pattern Trader Pro.

  • It’s 100% completely automated from opening, managing, and closing trades – you never need to examine charts, or click buttons.
  • The system is averaging over 80% profit every few months with 10% risk, meaning you can expect to have consistent massive profits with very little account exposure for those gains.
  • Combines pattern recognition, automation, and human intelligence to deliver exceptional results.
  • Always respects the basic rules of the market that have consistently aligned since the beginning of trade.
  • Beginner friendly and easy to setup for people who have mediocre experience with technology.

Pattern Trader Pro delivers automatic trades like these…

Without requiring you to click any buttons on your computer, and
growing your account for you like this month after month…

And Pattern Trader Pro trades on these currency pairs, futures, and commodities...

Here’s how it works, very simple, you just install it to your broker platform (mostly done for you), activate it, then let it operate for you.

Financial security and wealth are within your reach
if you are willing to take this step…

Listen I get it.  The idea of making a lot of money, the idea of success, the idea of going from mediocre income to flying high with a lot of money seems complex and almost impossible, right?

Here’s the problem.  That mindset is why you are stuck.  I get it, we get comfortable.  We see other people making money and successful, and we think…

They are lucky, they have a special skillset I don’t have, or they had it handed to them, maybe sometimes that’s true, but it’s most definitely not true all the time.

The truth is.  Becoming successful and building wealth can be done easily when you open your mind to it.  It’s as simple as finding someone who has the success you want and copying them!

But the problem is we self-sabotage, we tell ourselves this isn’t for us, it’s not possible, it’s too good to be true.  And that’s why poor people remain poor.  You must accept you are wealthy and successful in order to become it.

The reason the rich keep getting richer and the rich create a business and overnight they have another million-dollar business, isn’t because they are lucky.  It’s because they understand it is that easy and they follow an A to Z checklist.

That’s what Forex trading is.  If you follow the rules exactly, then there’s no reason you can’t achieve consistent income and success from trading.  It doesn’t need to be complicated.

I’ve met thousands and thousands of traders over the years, and there are many that trade full time, and they don’t spend much time in front of the computer, it’s possible and it exists.

Give me a chance to prove to you that you can make money in Forex even if you have failed in it over and over again

This time – turn off your skepticism and open your mind, because I’m going to let you in on something very special.

  • I want to share Pattern Trader Pro with you – for you to download it and use it on your own trading account.
  • I want to guarantee your success – an actual guarantee.
  • I want to offer you a deal of a lifetime – keep reading.
  • I want to genuinely see you succeed with me - seriously.

Before I give you access to Pattern Trader Pro I need to cover a few important points first.

A common concern…

An illusion that many traders have is that when a system is public or overused it will stop working, sure maybe that applies to certain exploitive systems, but Pattern Trader Pro, is based on safe actionable rules that always work.

Overuse is also the least of my worries.

Because the truth is many people have a negative mindset and will not believe they can make this kind of money or on the flip side they’ll think this system doesn’t make them enough money… funny right?

That’s just crazy thinking, but it’s the exact reason why many people won’t join me, and they won’t be making money starting today in Forex.

They will keep searching for that holy grail that doesn’t exist, you know the one that will make them a millionaire overnight, or in a month, but instead they’ll lose money and wonder where they went wrong.

Considering you’ve read this far, I’m making an assumption that you are actually someone who understands reality and can see that this is a genuine trading system that can make you very good returns on your investment.

If you’re finally ready to give Pattern Trader Pro a shot, then let’s talk about…

What you can expect to get access to when you join me today…

  • 1

    Pattern Trader Pro Software ($997 Value)

    Access to the Pattern Trader Pro software that will execute, manage, and close trades for you automatically.

  • 2

    Human Intelligence ($1,997 Value)

    A professional trader verifying each trade for you.

  • 3

    Pinpoint Direction ($497 Value)

    Best kept recommendations, instructions, full one on one support.

  • 4

    Unlimited Maintenance ($997 Value)

    Trade delivery system updates, strategy improvements, and more included.


Don’t worry, you won’t remotely pay even close to that…

Having a professional trader verify the trades - myself or one of my associates is expensive and valuable, almost priceless alone.

But with everything together you are getting massive value, a system that can double your account multiple times in a year, while maintaining comfortably safe risk.

What you will pay today for instant access to Pattern Trader Pro...

Pay just $397 for a full year’s access!

Click the button below to get started...

Now let me show you again that chart from when you first got here…

If you invest just $397 today with me to get access to everything, I’ve shown you, according to that chart even with a small deposit of only $500, even less if you want…

You will be able to afford this fee, and still make a bundle of profit in the first year and the second year will be even more explosive!

But, that’s not good enough, I want to make sure that this is going to guarantee you absolute success.  I will NOT accept failure for you here.  I want to see you make money – lots of it.

So that’s why I’m offering you a platinum double money back guarantee.

What the heck does that mean?

The Platinum Double Money Back Guarantee – The
Strongest Guarantee You Will Ever Have!

This isn’t like any guarantee.  This is a confidence guarantee.

  • A guarantee that I am confident in the results you will get.
  • A guarantee that this software will work for you.
  • A guarantee that you will get your money back for any reason at all.

There’s 2 parts to this guarantee.  The first part is a 60-day money back guarantee for any reason.

That means you have up to 60 days to test drive Pattern Trader Pro if you discover that it’s not right for you or it doesn’t work as I claim, then you can have every single dollar back of your money.

Just send me an email and let me know you aren’t satisfied, and I’ll refund your money right away.  That’s it, nothing more to it.  No excuses or justification needed.

This is what separates me from everyone else.  I’m beyond confident I can help you achieve success that I’m willing to put my ass on the line… literally.

On top of the 60-day money back guarantee, I’m adding a 6-month super profit guarantee.

After 6 months if you are not in profit I will either give you a full refund of the system or I will exchange the trading system for you for another system.  How does that sound?

In order to qualify for this guarantee you must use one of our recommended brokers, recommended VPS service, and use a reasonable risk setting, without interruption from other systems or manual trading.

URGENT: Please do NOT wait to join, because I MUST
raise the price by at least 25% within the next week

The price that you see above, is not a permanent price.  It’s a limited time price.  I wanted to make the price higher to…

  • Keep out people who aren’t serious about their future and success – tire kickers.
  • Cover more server, development, and trading professional costs.
  • And because it’s an overall valuable system and service, worth so much more.

But lucky for you.  I want to reward those who take action fast and know when they see an opportunity that is right and jump on it – that’s you!

And you shouldn’t have to think about it with a double platinum guarantee like I just gave you, the risk is all on me to prove to you that you will be successful.

You just need to jump on board for the ride.

Come on board for this incredible price, I will be raising it within days.  That’s not a marketing ploy, and it’s not a gimmick.  It’s pure truth.  I know what this system is worth, and I hope you can see that too.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this page – I know you have a busy life, we all do, and your time is valuable, my goal is to give you more time to enjoy your life.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using the Contact button at the bottom of this page.

There are also some Frequently Asked Questions below for your convenience.


What is Pattern Trader Pro?

Pattern Trader Pro is a fully automated trading system.  It trades dozens of Forex pairs for you.  It opens, manages, and closes trades.  You do not have to do anything other than decide the risk you want.  It also has human intelligence involved, which is further explained on this website.

Why not keep this private / secret?

Good question.  It’s the same reason why a large chunk of investors on wall street trade their own money plus that of investors.  Although we are able to make enough money trading for ourselves, if we want to expand faster and make a larger impact in this world, we must open up to other investors as well.

What if I have no trading experience?

That’s okay! The whole system and process of getting started is very easy.  It’s beginner friendly and we provide you everything you need to start including detailed documentation and rapid support.

Do I need special computer systems or internet?

No, you can use a basic home computer, or you can use a virtual server, which is easier than it sounds.  All details are provided to use either one after you join.

Can I use any broker I want to?

Yes, you can use any Forex broker you prefer, as long as it offers the Meta Trader 4 platform.

Does this really work?

It does in fact really work.  I’ve shown you real 3rd party proof, multiple trades, and even revealed the strategies behind it to you.  But if that’s not enough I also am offering a 60-day money back guarantee, plus a profit guarantee where I guarantee you will be in profit over the next 6 months.  This is really a no risk offer for you.