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*Mikhail is a real person, this is his real name, he's not an actor, the voice used is not his own,
as a professional voice was used so you could clearly understand the video*

Get Your Hands On The Automated News Trading System That We Used To…

Capture 50%, 100%, Even Up To 150% Profit A Year Like Clockwork Using The ONLY Proven Software That’s Designed To Conquer The Extreme Volatility From Global Forex News!

ACTION NEWS TRADER: Has accumulated over 14,600 pips of winning trades and over 200% of trading profit – And we are going to let you login to the REAL MONEY account to see it for yourself!

Dear Trader,

Have you ever sat, staring at the trading charts and see huge spikes up, down, or even in both directions like this…?

And thought to yourself… “if only I was in that trade, I would have had a quick large profit in seconds”

You may have realized this by now or maybe not, if you are new to trading, but more often than not, those massive spikes are from news events, such as Non-Farm Payroll, Fed Announcements, Etc.

Here’s a fact:  you can make a ton of money if you trade these news events and get it right.

But you need to leverage technology, as in use a software that can achieve speed, while implementing an effective strategy to capture every possible dollar of profit from those news movements.

You Are GUARANTEED To Profit Almost Every Month If
You Can Just Solve These 2 Problems…

What are these 2 problems?

1. If you've ever attempted to trade news, you know what I'm talking about: You place pending orders to either BUY or SELL, then when the announcement comes out, and, instead of shooting off in one definite direction, it takes out BOTH orders leaving you nursing a loss.

2. Slippage, spreads, and the wide margins brokers apply because of liquidity issues that arise during these explosive movements often results in losing more trades than you win.

I researched online and I saw a lot of so-called experts warning that you shouldn't touch news trading with a ten-foot.

"No, don't trade 2 hours before."

"Wait until the market settles afterward then enter."

Screw that.

I'm a maverick.

I'm a renegade.

I will walk into the middle of the minefield to dig out the gold before someone else makes the wrong steps to blow it all to smithereens.

This software that I've created is the tip toe path around those explosives to that gold and…

I can prove it!

In just a few moments, I’m going to show you one of my many live accounts that is third party verified, plus I’ll even let you log directly into the account to check yourself (yes, I’ll give you my password).

It used to KILL me that I couldn't profit from these moves.

I KNEW news trading was an easy way to make money, but I just needed to figure out how to make it work, and I’m not going to keep it a secret from you, I’ll tell you exactly how I solved those 2 problems with my software.

But first…

Before I Go Any Further, Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Mikhail Zaprudin.

I used to be an engineer who developed highly reliable real time systems for power stations for 5 years.

And I liked to dabble in the markets in my off time.

I experimented with stocks, but I ultimately chose Forex because the markets would be alive after I got home from work unlike the stock market.

After trial and error, I got the hang of scalping, making 10 pips here, 20 pips there—nothing big.

I developed Expert Advisors for 4 years to do all the heavy lifting for me, because I was too emotional to trade.

Then, in my research, I began focusing on those VERY LONG candlesticks that arise when news events occur.

I tried, like everyone else to do the straddle thing—placing one BUY and one SELL order (which can work when done correctly, but most traders do it wrong).

It left me with more frustration than anything else as I'd lose a week or two worth of profits in less than a minute!

Then, one day, it clicked!

I remember when developing the systems for power grids, my colleagues and I would develop programs to handle the power surges in the system to prevent entire blackouts in service.

It was CRITICAL that they work effectively as we could easily lose our jobs if our systems failed.

That's the type of gun-to-head environment I worked in.

I was used to it.

So, I brought that mentality to Forex trading. And used the same logic to write an algorithm that would confront these "surges" from news events and then siphon those profits into my trading account.

After extreme, exhaustive testing, and years of success with it, I'm giving you access to...


With its advanced design, breakthrough technology and amazing speed, News Action Trader is the only way you should trade the news. It utilizes real-time economic information from a reliable news source and automatically opens, manages, and closes trades for you – completely on auto pilot.

Here's how NEWS ACTION TRADER works...

Before the start of any news announcement, the algorithm collects real-time economic information. It "sniffs" out data before the announcement and immediately sets up parameters within your platform to take advantage of that data.

It's almost like knowing a bowling ball will be rolling down an alley, while a mechanism determines the angle the ball's going so it places the pins directly in line where it creates a high probability of a strikeout of all 9 pins!

Here’s what makes News Action Trader more than just a “simple system,” but rather an advanced intelligent adaptive system with proven real money profitability …

As you may know, if you have experience trading, an issue that arises from trading news is slippage and spreads expanding.

This is what causes a lot of scalping systems and news systems to fail.  But not News Action Trader.

News Action Trader has a unique strategy that accounts for the spreads and slippage of trades and will dynamically adapt the trade targets and stop loss based on both variables to ensure your trades are protected.

And in some cases, it can and will simply cancel out trades if conditions are absolutely wrong.

Have you heard of whipsaws? This can be an account killer for the inexperienced trader. But not News Action Trader.

Whipsaws are wild swings in the price action that can cause your trade or trades to get stopped out for a huge loss, right before going in the right direction.

It’s basically price action sharply moving up then down or vice versa in a way that can cause trades to close in a loss, when they were going to close in a win.

And even taking out multiple trades at once. News Action Trader has safeguards in place to protect and even profit in many cases from whipsaws.

Timing.  So very important.  If you setup trades too soon, then you risk triggering them before the action begins causing completely random trades.

And if too late, you risk blowing a chunk out of your account from delays, and incorrect entries.

News Action Trader is very specific with interpreting data and timing trades in order to make sure trades triggered by news at the right moment, and closed at the right time to lock in profits, avoid major losses, and to ensure account safety.

All done automatically with rapid and meticulous speed.

Knowing all this, how many times would you expose your account to this phenomenon?

Every time a major news announcement is to come out, right?

Well, that's EXACTLY what I've been doing.

And I have third-party VERIFIED PROOF to back it up.

Pure, Unadulterated VERIFIED PROOF Right Here

If you don't already know, MyFxbook and FXBlue are 2 independent services that verify the activity of a trading account by gaining full access to an account.

Basically, instead of a trader saying, "Oh, I made X amount of returns over a period of time" which, of course, can be fabricated MyFxbook and FXBlue act as the auditors who verify the trader's claims.

Click On Any Of These Widgets To Go To The Third Party Websites
To See Account Statement, Statistics, And Validation

And that's what you just saw: Raw, powerful results of a software that can consistently affect the same changes in your Forex account too – 100%, 200%, maybe even more each and every year - compounded month after month!

This means you can predict with startling accuracy on the calendar when you will get HUGE PAYDAYS.

You wouldn't have to day trade (or swing trade) anymore.

Imagine one economic announcement putting anywhere from 20... 40... 60... to 100 pips in your account... within a few minutes... with unbelievable accuracy.

Everything is automated so you won't miss out on profits because your reaction time was slow.

No One Ever Does This, But I Will Let You
Login To My Account…

Yes, that’s right. I just showed you that my live account is real and verified by multiple third parties. But if you still are skeptical or maybe don’t believe me…

I get it.

What if I just let you login to the account yourself?

I’m going to give you my account number and password, you just need to download the broker platform, login and you can see for yourself it’s real.

Sound good? Good.

You may be able to just use any Meta Trader 4 platform to login using the server, but if not you can download Pepperstone Meta Trader 4 from their website, and log right in.

Now, that you’ve learned about how News Action Trader works, you’ve seen the verified account, and you’ve been able to login to my public live account.

Would you like to take News Action Trader for a nice lucrative ride on your own account?
Well then let me show you what you get when you join today…

Here's What You Get


    You get the news detection system and the fully automated News Action Trader system to install and turn your trading platform into a news trading beast.  This includes support for the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platform.


    If you ever have issues with the software, be assured that support is only one click away by email, Skype, or Telegram. I will get back to you with a solution or my team as soon as we possibly can.


    As long as you own a copy of NEWS ACTION TRADER, you will receive lifetime updates when we discover any way to make NEWS ACTION TRADER even more efficient than it already is.


    Your copy of NEWS ACTION TRADER will also be engineered with the most ideal settings to automatically make your trading platform primed and ready for every single news announcement.  These are the exact same settings used on my own trading accounts.


    NEWS ACTION TRADER works successfully on 6 currency pairs, giving you ample opportunity to profit.

Here's How Much Your Investment Will Be

With the amount of time (years), resources and development I have put into creating NEWS ACTION TRADER, my estimate is that I should charge no less than $1,000, but don’t worry I won’t do that.

That's because this nifty automated tool solves SOOO MUCH of the problems that traders who've always wanted to profit from news events consistently face.

And now that I've done it myself, my first intention was to keep it for myself.

But it's not in my nature to be selfish.

I like to help people.

I want to help YOU.

Like me, I know you would like to get predictable, consistent income coming in regularly.

Like a paycheck.

NEWS ACTION TRADER can help you get that.

How much would that be worth to you?

Being able to achieve 50%, 100%, even up to 200% in a year, would make it worth at least $1,000, right?

I'm not trying to keep it out of reach for you.

Instead, I'm going to let you have it for a fraction of the cost at just...

2 Monthly Payment Plan
$247Per Month
  • News Action Trader And News Feed Software
  • Lifetime License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • 6 Currency Pair Support
  • Best Trade Settings
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Buy Now!

You're Protected By My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Here’s the guarantee. Use NEWS ACTION TRADER for 30 days.

Let it run on a demo account or a live account, and, if NEWS ACTION TRADER fails to perform as expected, I will refund your money.

It’s just as simple as that.

If you are not satisfied for any reason (or for no reason at all), just say so and your full refund will be sent back to you right away.

No questions asked.



What Have You Got To Lose?

Only this: Quick, easy money that can be made within minutes, even seconds.

Real, hardcore money-makers who are HUNGRY for profit don't pass up chances like this.

They go after any and everything that puts a dime in their pocket with the LEAST risk.

Everything I've laid out here for you ticks off the right boxes:

  • An easy way to make money in a very short space of time.
  • Minimal risk with built-in account protection modules.

So, what are you waiting for?

One thing is definitely certain: If you become an EXCLUSIVE news trader, you're poised to make a killing from the Forex market.

If these news events will happen like clockwork in the future, why not position yourself to take advantage of them with this exciting software?

I already have... and I'm enjoying the benefits of it.

Now it's YOUR turn.

Click a button below NOW to join me.

I'll see you on the inside.

2 Monthly Payment Plan
$247Per Month
  • News Action Trader And News Feed Software
  • Lifetime License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • 6 Currency Pair Support
  • Best Trade Settings
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Buy Now!

To your success,
Mikhail Zaprudin

P.S. If you'd like to, finally, once and for all, beat volatility and swell your account... then you NEED to get NEWS ACTION TRADER today -- right now!

P.P.S. Sure, fearful traders have said to avoid trading around news. But, on the flip side, there ARE traders who are making a KILLING every time there is a news announcement. They are sitting in the banks... they are sitting at home... and you've come in touch with one through this very page.

P.P.P.S. While many won't share how they do it, I will. And this is your RARE opportunity to get your hands on the same technology I use to LITERALLY beat the markets. There's more than enough money to go around. I can't get and spend it all. So, join me.

P.P.P.P.S. Click the sign up button above now to see NEWS ACTION TRADER in action during the next economic announcement and experience the thrill of watching your account balloon within minutes.