Convert Any Signal Indicator Into An Automated Forex
Robot Instantly Without Programming Knowledge

Turn Your MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Indicators into Automated Systems with Full Back Testing Capability, Live Trading, and Dynamic Settings Customization

Here’s how it works…

It’s this quick…

Have you ever used or use signal indicators? You know the indicators that pop up an arrow or alert on your trading chart and says BUY or SELL.

And find that, cool, these signals are great. You’re making money, when you can sit in front of the computer and catch these trades.

But there’s an inherent issue with this, right?

  • You can’t sit in front of your computer 24 / 7 waiting for these signals.
  • You can’t possibly manage the trades every minute that they are open.
  • You have to set stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, lot size calculations, all by hand.
  • You can’t do extensive back tests automatically to determine what the best ways are to manage the trades or just to see how reliable your indicator is for the long term.

So what options do you have to resolve this?

You could hire a developer – A developer could convert your indicators one by one into an automated robot for you. It would cost you time and money for each one you convert.

You could keep wasting time – You could continue to manually trade. Continue being stuck in front of your screen for hours, even miss trade opportunities or the right moment to close a trade because you were distracted for just a moment.

Or you could convert your indicator to an EA Instantly…

Introducing InstantEA...

InstantEA is a tool that converts any signal indicator into a Forex robot instantly for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 platform.

It’s easy to use and dynamic so you can adjust the system easily to trade with the indicator how you wish.

InstantEA allows you to…

  • Back test your indicators rapidly, test settings, and optimize.
  • Run your indicators on live and demo accounts automatically (no more sitting in front of your computer for hours on end).
  • Convert your indicators into fully automated Forex robots.
  • And so much more.

Instead of looking at signals on your chart just run InstantEA with your indicator and it will automatically trade, manage, and close your trades…

Just like many Forex robots out there, your indicator instantly becomes customizable.  As in you can adjust all these settings to dictate how your indicator robot trades…

  • Signal and Shift Buffers (don’t worry if you don’t know what this)
  • Fixed lots, Money Management
  • Magic Numbers, Comments
  • Stop loss, take profit, break-even, trailing stops
  • Set trading times
  • Allow / Disable Hedging
  • Control trade frequency
  • Close on opposite signals
  • Partial trade closure controls
  • And more!

Take a look at how InstantEA looks in action…

In the following video, you can see how InstantEA works. You can see me performing a back test, adjusting settings, and setting it to trade live.

It’s really easy to connect an indicator, set it, and let it run. As you can see by clicking the video below…

As you can see it’s really easy to back test, adjust settings, trade it live, and more.

And that indicator you see me back testing, which is also now a full automated robot because of InstantEA, is included complimentary for you to use yourself!

The InstantEA package comes with everything you need…

Everything you need to convert your signal indicators into an automated Forex robot is included with the InstantEA package.

It comes with…

  • The Full InstantEA system with Support for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 Platforms (platforms provided by most brokers free)

    It’s rare that you find a system that’s compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms. InstantEA gives you the ability to use both!

  • Our bonus signal indicator you can start trading today

    The back test you see in the video and in the image above, is an actual signal indicator we use for trading. You can use it however you wish.

  • Free lifetime updates

    Our team uses InstantEA privately for our own personal trading, so we are always looking for ways to improve the software. All improvements are passed onto you.

  • Detailed instruction manual with graphics

    So you can clearly understand and operate InstantEA, we provide a detailed manual with graphics and step by step explanations to help you maximize your success.

  • Full lifetime support

    Just in case there’s any confusion we are absolutely here to help you at any point in time.

How to get access to InstantEA…

You can gain full lifetime access to InstantEA within seconds of signing up after you click the buy now button below.

But first, as you are probably wondering, how much will InstantEA cost you? Before I answer that, I need to ask you an important question.

How much money would it cost you to have a developer turn your indicator into a robot for Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5?

And how much would it cost you if you want to continual test different indicators, maybe 5, 10, or 100s over a few years?

Chance are it will cost you what, $200 up to $1,000 on average per system? 5 systems alone would cost you at least $1,000. And how long do you have to wait?

A few days maybe before you can get your hands on the system.

Instead of waiting days you can test multiple indicators within minutes and you never have to pay a programmer a cent. 

There is only a one-time fee of $247 to purchase a lifetime copy of InstantEA with a money back guarantee.

WARNING: If you are seriously considering getting a lifetime copy of InstantEA, please don’t wait to purchase, because we will be increasing the price to $347 without notice and there will be no exceptions.  $247 is an introductory special.


InstantEA is a powerful dynamic tool that allows you to turn indicators into automated systems and extensively test them.

But of course you may not be sure this is right for you, or you may want to try it out before deciding if it’s everything we say it is.  And we get it.

That’s why we have a prompt 14 day money back guarantee for absolutely any reason at all.  If it’s not right for you just send us an email and we’ll refund you as soon as humanly possible.

Your next logical step…

If you want to stop paying programmers and stop waiting days or even weeks to convert your signal indicators into fully automated robots, then InstantEA is for you.

Within minutes or even seconds you can turn your indicators into robots, then start back testing them, tweaking settings, and run them on live or demo accounts…

No more waiting, no more wasting money!

To get started just click the button below…

About the Developer

My name is Mikhail Zaprudin.

I used to be an engineer who developed highly reliable real time systems for power stations for 5 years.

And I liked to dabble in the markets in my off time.

I experimented with stocks, but I ultimately chose Forex because the markets would be alive after I got home from work unlike the stock market.

After trial and error, I got the hang of scalping, making 10 pips here, 20 pips there—nothing big.

I developed Expert Advisors for 4 years to do all the heavy lifting for me, because I was too emotional to trade.

InstantEA is one tool I designed to help me expedite the process of testing and finding profitable automated trading systems that have helped me accumulate trading wealth.