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MyfxBook is a 3rd party independent entity. MyfxBook is an automated analytical tool for forex traders that allows users to verify a trading account is real and valid.  We provided our investor access details to them to verify the account.

Don't Be Like Lloyd...

I met Lloyd a few years ago in a business meeting.  He was just getting started and had huge goals, one being to make a lot of money.

A business opportunity fell into his lap and he was quickly making $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

Things were going really well.

So, Lloyd started spending money on himself with the logic that you only live once.  He started buying computers, video games, a new car, everything he’s ever wanted.

Then one day his income started dropping and it continued to drop each month after.  Until eventually, about a year later, his income fell to $0.

What did he have left?  Little to no savings, and a bunch of depreciating toys.  He quickly had to sell everything at a massive loss.

And now he’s stuck paycheck to paycheck trying to find his way out of the debt he created and find a way back to the top of the world making great money.

This is exactly how to get poor and stay poor.

Coincidentally I had another friend who I met as well around the same time; his name is John.

John didn’t make nearly as much money as Lloyd, but John is now thriving, he hasn’t stressed about money, has ample savings, ample investments paying him passive income.

Now John doesn’t have to worry about his future, he’s financially set.  And he wasn’t making even remotely as much money as Lloyd.

How is that possible?

While Lloyd was wasting money on toys that would lose value, John was keeping his expenses low and putting that money in FOREX systems, Crypto, and Stocks.

And that money has continued to grow and multiply for John.  His money is working for him instead of wasting away in a computer or video game system.

That’s how to get wealthy and stay wealthy.

One of John’s highest paying investments is his investment in FOREX systems.

And one of the systems he trusts the most and has proven to work passively for years without intervention is Funnel Trader 2.0.

John makes good money year after year with the Funnel Trader 2.0 system.



  • Beginner friendly, no experience needed.

  • 100% fully automated, set and forget for years.

  • Installs within 5 minutes or less and trades on your Forex broker.

Funnel Trader 2.0 is a multi-currency trend and volatility system.

Overall, the strategy that drives Funnel Trader 2.0 is based on short term trends and volatility.  It simply identifies the short-term trend and trades in that direction while utilizing volatility to lock in profits.

That’s the simple version, it’s a little more advanced than that.

The system trades multiple pairs at a time, and coordinates all of it while balancing out the risk.  What I mean is…

Let’s say we have 2 pairs with one trading in a profit, but another pair running the trade went against us and is in a loss.  The system will identify its mistake, close the profit trades and loser while profiting still.

This adds a nice element of protection plus profit taking!

Here’s A Few Trade Examples…

Example trades #1: Look at the red lines those are sells, and the blue lines are buys.  You can see the system is trading into the mini trends.

Example trades #2: Here we have a strong down movement; the system picks it up and profits from the rapid movement.

Example trades #3: Funnel Trader 2.0 gets into a nice uptrend.  It suspects a down trend coming, and enters, but it’s able to switch back to a buy, and still make plenty of profit.  Thereby, cancelling out the losses.

Okay now that you understand how the system works, let’s look at how the system trades and the results it’s been getting so you can see what you can expect…

What Kind of PROFIT Can I Expect?

We’ve been running Funnel Trader 2.0 on a live account for about 6 years and haven’t adjusted the settings at all or had to touch it.

And as a result, we’ve achieved over 300% profit…

This is pure proof that this system can withstand ups and downs, news, and unexpected events in the world.

That 300% profit is the low-end.  The profit could have been significantly more if we just increased the trading risk (easy to change) as the account grew.

So, while over 300% profit is possible, that’s the low end, because we didn’t touch it.  If you touch it every year or so, and increase risk with the account size, the account will grow at a rapid rate while maintaining a reasonable risk.

We estimate that it could have and should have achieved about 1,000%+ profit over this period if risk settings were increased, but that’s up to you when you run the software.

Don’t take our word for it, you can try it for yourself on your account with our platinum double money back guarantee...

Try Out Funnel Trader 2.0 Without Worry - We Will Even Pay You $500 And Refund Your Money If We’re Wrong!

Our company, LeapFX and our staff have been in the Forex markets for over a decade.  We know Forex and we know automated trading.

Because of that we are confident in our products and services and offer guarantees.

We pride ourselves on always honoring our guarantees because our brand is important to us, but not only that, the success of our customers like you is important to us.

If you succeed, we succeed.  And as a result, if a system we offer isn’t right for you, we know you will be happy to give us a chance in the future.  So, we always stand by our guarantees.

With Funnel Trader 2.0 we have a platinum double money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the software within 30 days of your purchase just let us know and we’ll refund you every penny you paid.  There is NO catch.

And here’s an even better more confident guarantee.  If you run the software for 1 year straight following the guidelines in the manual, and you aren’t in profit, we’ll refund your payment and give you $500 on top of it.

We’ve been running Funnel Trader 2.0 for years, we know it works, and that’s why we are willing to make such a bold guarantee.

Try it you will see.

Start Earning Years Of Passive Income Or Do Nothing And Lose Your Money To Inflation

Look, we understand you may be skeptical or have fears of if this will work for you. What will go wrong, etc.  But the truth is if you follow the manual and recommendations this can and will work for many years just like you can see it’s done for our account.

Even more important. A serious matter in fact.  With the way the world governments are printing money, with the lack of goods, and too much demand, prices are accelerating at faster rates than ever.

This means the value of your money in the bank becomes less valuable by the day.  You need to invest your money and have it grow faster than this rate of deterioration.

You can invest in stocks, crypto, etc.  But if you buy at the wrong time and they drop you will lose money.  With Funnel Trader 2.0 you aren’t buying and holding assets that lose value.  Your account grows and grows, regardless of the direction of the market.

Give it a try today, it will be a good decision for you and your families future.

How To Download Your Copy Of Funnel Trader 2.0 Right Now

To gain access to Funnel Trader 2.0 just choose your payment plan at the bottom of the page and click the buy now button.  You will then get an email confirmation and instant access to members area to get started.

There are two payment options below, you can choose a yearly membership, or you can choose a lifetime membership and never pay again.

We look forward to working with you.

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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • $500 Bonus Guarantee