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Dear Trader,

Over the last 5 years, I’ve made over 29,000% in profit in the markets.

No—that was NOT a misprint.


Most likely a lot more by the time you are seeing this.

In other words, if you had put in $1,000 into an account back then...

You'd Have Approximately $290,000
In Profit Right Now

Even better, I’ve got proof to back it up.

Yes. Cold, hard, results your eyes can't help but pop at.

And here's the best part:

Starting Today, You Could Easily See Explosive
Returns In Days Without Placing Trades Yourself

You're busy. You have a million and one things going on during the day.

And the last thing you need is to be trying to squeeze trading in between all that…

…or doing it when you should be relaxing or getting sleep.

Let —a PRO—do it for you.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results but...

What If You Got Even Half Of That Return Over The
Next 5 Years? $500 Could Yield Up To $145,000...

And $10,000 could yield up to $2.9 million!

Could you honestly ignore that?

And don't think returns like this are any stretch of the imagination.

This happens all the time in equities...

Just Google the returns investors have gotten from Apple, Amazon, or Tesla - 1,000s% profit they've made.

It's Time YOU Got In On The Action Too!

So let me lift the hood up and show you how it would work...

You'll simply install a customized software to your Forex broker account starting with as little as $250 to $500 in it.

You set the trade size or maximum risk you want.

It will then run 100% automatically placing trades directly from my trading account into yours. This means everything will be copied; it will open and close the trades exactly like the main account.

You'll watch it grow.

You'll withdraw profits from it.

Your money never leaves your account.

You control it.

Yes... all this... WITHOUT paying high fees or sharing a % of your profits.

Sure, you may consider these results too fantastic.

After all, if someone came to me and said they had a plan that can make me a fortune with low stress, I'd think they were trying to pull a fast one.

For real.

Most people feel this way when they first hear about my outrageous return rate.

But when I show them the TRUE, ACTUAL, VERIFIED results...

Their Skepticism Melts Into AWE

I must caution you, though. I can't... and WON'T... promise you 100% success.

My win rate is about 82%.

You see, no matter how good a trader is, there will be losses. It goes with the territory; it's natural in this business. Unexpected events can move the markets even with the best risk control methods in place.

Yes, it happens.

But, as I just said, they can be controlled. And most of the time the markets are indeed entirely predictable.

The bottom line is my high-profile clientele have already benefited handsomely from my skills.

And I’m sharing it with you RISK-FREE so you can prove it to yourself without worry. I’ve already turned around the fortune for dozens of people... and I can do the same for you.


Hi. My name is Gordon Francis.

I'm a full time trader who used to work with a forex proprietary trading firm in London. I did very well there. I made the firm a lot of money. Millions.

But I was stressed by the demands of my employers to make even more money.

They wanted to take me for all they could get.

But little did they know I was also using them.

I used them for LEVERAGE—just like I’m about to give you.

I used my track record there to lure high net worth investors to my mini hedge fund.

When they saw how good I was, they threw money at me.

And since 2006, I've been privately using my skills to make myself and my hand-picked investors very, very wealthy.

Ok, let's dig deeper…

Let Me Reveal EXACTLY How I
Generate These Jaw-Dropping Returns

I employ a dualistic (2-step) approach to the markets by first closely analyzing market fundamentals and technical levels for each currency pair to determine trade direction and entry points.

Once that's done, I then implement a proprietary semi-automated / multi-phase software to monitor and apply a predefined exit for each trade.

From experience, the average trade lasts for 5 hours – 24 hours.

But that's not your concern.

Because, again, I will be doing all the work for you.

However, I’m not going to do ONLY just that.

Let Me Show You A GREATER
Way To Make Even MORE Money Off Me

There are a lot of private proprietary trading companies—just like the one I used to work for—that will fund traders up to $100,000 (or more) to trade money on their behalf.

You don’t have to physically be in an office like I used to; most have migrated 100% online. I am signed up with a few of them - so I collect a portion of profits from them all.

You can do the same.

But here’s the thing: The returns reflected in your account will be from my effort, but you will be able to collect bigger profits!

They won’t know it’s not you.

So, here’s the plan: Join today, enjoy the returns over the next 12 weeks, then apply to the firms I recommend. Show them the returns and…

Watch Them BEG You To Take Their Money!

They may start you off small with $20,000 - $30,000 and when the profit starts to pile up, they will give you up to $100,000.

And guess what?

You know it: I will be doing all the trading for you.

So, instead of trading your own small account that will take longer to build up, use THEIR money to get rich.

This is the LAZIEST, most PROFITABLE experience you will have in a long time.
Sure, I could pack all my secrets into a course.

But it will take you hours to go through it.

Worse, it will take you days to get up to speed.

And that will absorb so much of your already busy days.

What I'm offering you is the next BEST thing.

The shortcut.

Because when you go to your ATM, withdraw some of the profits, and…

Feel The Profit Between Your Finger Tips,
Then You'll Know This Is For REAL

So, picture this scenario...

You've taken me up on my offer. After the first 30 days, you've proven everything written on this page.

You're ambitious. You want MORE. And it's time to max out.

Another 60 days in, you submit the trading records to the prop trading firm and you get the green light.

For the next 3-6 months, the prop firm sends you thousands of dollars from the profit-sharing agreement with the expectation that it will continue and you will get even more capital to further boost the amount of payouts you will get.

What a lifestyle you’re about to have!

Did you GET all that?

Do you fully UNDERSTAND the opportunity you have this very minute?

Nothing of what I just said is hype. It's happened… and… it will happen...to you… or anyone else… whether you say "Yes" or "No".

With the type of lifestyle you're expected to live, justifiably, I should really ask you to plunk down at least $997.

But I won’t do that: I'm pushing the bar of entry way down so I can get as many investors as possible to become high net worth clients.

Once you get to that level, that's where I make the most money.

So there: That's my purely selfish gain for doing this.

You win. And I win.

Now this begs the question: How low is my bar?

You can pay for a year membership.

OR you pay for a 3 month membership.

If you're smart as I think you are, say "Yes" today, and you will be fully supported by my...

100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead. Take the plunge. And, if after 30 days, you're not at all happy with the returns you wouldn't have otherwise made yourself, simply send an email and you will be honored with a QUICK, FAST, refund. Guaranteed. No messing around.

That's my position on this deal. You now need to think about yours.

Copying my trades using The Fund Trader software is very safe and very profitable for you if you don't have time during the day or you simply want an extremely easy, low risk, high reward service.

Other investments mostly won't measure up because usually they are...

1. Time-consuming
2. Complex and...
3. Require high, ongoing performance fees.

With The Fund Trader, that's all cancelled.

Instead of keeping too much money in your bank account, make it a transit zone where profits whisk through to finance all the dreams you wish to experience.

Instead of waiting till you're older to enjoy what you want now, see how much a highly leveraged partnership with a proven, verified trader will bring back.

Really, after all you’ve read, don’t you think you should really give this a shot?

What have you to lose?

There are only 100 spots available.

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I promise you: It will change your life.

Yours For High-Yield Profits,
Gordon Francis.

P.S. If you think a 29,000% return is not possible even with the evidence before you, you need to look at what’s happened in the last few years with cryptocurrency.

Gone are the days of the returns your bank gives you. This is the NEW NORMAL. It will become commonplace.

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