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Attention Brand New Traders
:  If you are an absolute beginner to Forex trading and some of these terms don’t make sense to you, that is okay.  Our training and tools are beginner friendly and will teach you what you need to become a trading expert.

These are some of the trades you will learn to take...

Dear Aspiring Forex Trader,

Have you seen Forex traders with their winning trades and accounts that keep growing?  And wonder “what do they have?” and “what are they doing?” that is so different than you…

That difference that makes them consistently winners and you a loser in the game of Forex.

Or are you just trying to learn to become a consistently profitable Forex trader who can self-manage your own account, make swift and accurate trades, and just…

Be able to master the Forex market so you can use it like your own personal ATM machine?

Having the skillset to make money from Forex trading is a lifelong skill that provides you the security of knowing that you can always make more money anytime, and that you never have to worry again.

I’m going to show you over the next few minutes…

  • Exactly what winning traders are doing to win
  • Why it’s not working for you
  • And what you must do right now to start winning trades consistently

What Makes Successful Forex Traders
So Consistently Profitable?

There are 3 core pillars that successful Forex traders use to consistently beat the Forex market, year after year, regardless of changing conditions.

Here’s the weird part though, you may or may not be familiar with these pillars, but they may still NOT work for you.

I’ll tell you exactly why right after – It will all make sense.

But for now, let’s just jump right in.

Pillar #1: Trends & Key Levels

You’ve probably heard it before; the trend is your friend.  And it’s true, but winning traders follow the trend and key levels.  They make entry decisions with both.

Most traders know about trends, but still they keep losing with Forex trading.  I’ll explain why shortly and how to fix it.

Pillar #2: Confluence & Patience

One signal alone to buy or sell is not good enough.  You need a confirmation signal to reinforce the validity of buy or sell signal.  This alone can make the difference between winning and losing.

Successful traders wait for confirmations by being patient and not chasing the market, but waiting for the market to unfold its story and then going along in that direction while collecting profit.

Pillar #3: Trade Risk & Account Management

Most amateur traders believe that trade entry is the most important part of trading.  It isn’t.  Profitable Forex traders know that statistically to stay in the game and grow their trading accounts – they MUST have…

A proper balance of risk and reward, what that means is that the target profit needs to be around equal to or greater than the potential loss on each trade.

This means you can be right as little as 50% on each of your trades, in some cases even less, and still be profitable…

And for account management, it means that the trade size should be dictated by how much of your account you can lose if that trade were to close at a max loss.

Typically, 1% to 2% is what a winning trader uses.

Now that you know the 3 pillars that apply to practically all successful traders…

Let’s have a quick talk about why so many people are aware of these pillars, but it just doesn’t end up working for them.

Why No Matter What Trading Strategy You Try, They Don’t
Work For You And Thousands Of Other Traders

There are dozens of reasons that a trader can fail over and over.

But the most common and easily fixable reasons that can and will turn you into a profitable Forex trader regardless of your experience level are the following…

  • Stop focusing only on lower timeframes

    Stop basing your trading decisions solely on lower timeframes.  They should only be used for finding a good entry after you’ve found a trade opportunity on a larger timeframe (H1, H4, Daily, etc.).

  • Stop drawing inaccurate trends / key levels

    Trends and key levels are not difficult to identify when you are taught the proper way.  But most online sources and books don’t provide a clear-cut method to identify trends and key levels and that is why they don’t usually work for people.

  • Stop over using indicators

    Many indicators repaint, meaning they are practically useless, and many serve the same purpose and shouldn’t be used together such as RSI and Stochastic.  Try to use as few indicators as possible – too much is a bad thing.

  • Stop using such tight stop loss

    Using a small stop loss is often NOT the safe approach.  In fact, it can cause you to lose more trades and lose good trades that should have closed in profit.  There’s a better way to pick your stops.

  • Stop rushing into trades, use trade confirmations

    Don’t trade just to trade.  Be patient.  There will always be more trade opportunities.  Wait for a trade confirmation.  There are multiple ways to confirm that a trade is valid or invalid.

  • Stop trading recklessly

    Trading with too high risk will just end up costing you a lot of money with just a few bad trades. Proper risk and reward will keep you going strong even if you have a bad week or month.

  • Stop with unrealistic expectations

    Stop trying to win 100% of your trades, it won’t happen. There will be losing trades.  If there are, accept it, move on and keep going, instead of giving up and saying this doesn’t work.

All these points make sense, right?  As I alluded to in some of these pointers there is a much better way to trade Forex that is more accurate and in fact more successful.

What You Must Do Right Now To Change Your Luck And
Transform Yourself Into A Profitable Forex Trader

I know it sounds difficult or even impossible, but within a matter of just a few hours you can be a radically different kind of trader.

A Forex trader who knows where to find high probability trades, executes them, and find success.

You will be able to take a random chart like this…

Know exactly how to turn it into this…

Then make trades confidently and accurately.

This is because my team and myself have put together a step by step training course and trading tool that teaches you how to trade with price action instead of lagging indicators.

I’ve been using these methods for years without fail – and not just me…

These same methods, these same rules, are used by profitable trading firms, profitable money managers, and just generally the most successful traders in the business.

In fact, I’m a firm believer that the method I practice and teach is the most practical, easy to learn and apply, and will NEVER fail to work in the future – that is because it follows the basic laws of supply and demand.

To help you quickly learn the proper way to trade and become a winning trader starting within as little as a few hours, we’ve put together…

The LeapFX Trading Academy

We designed the trading academy to provide you the tools and training you need to start trading accurately within as little as a few hours.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy.

But that’s all it takes for us to teach you how to really trade like a pro.

Unlike colleges and courses that try to justify large costs, by providing filler – we cut it all out and present you with only the tools and information you NEED to succeed, nothing more.

No fluff, no content filler, no wasteful tools.

Straight to the point what you need to know and how to implement it all quickly.

With practice, trade examples, and our support you will be able see the clear picture – basically a “ah ha” moment…

Where you will realize that it all makes sense and you can finally make intelligent trades with proper risk management.

You will be able to spot opportunities like this trend reversal trade and other trend continuation opportunities…

Who is the LeapFX Trading Academy For?

The academy is for anyone who is interested in trading Forex for extra income or even someone looking for financial freedom.

Whether you are new to trading or you have experience, but are having trouble being consistent with your winnings, this training is for you.

Through our specially designed training, tools, and analysis we will take you from inexperienced to a consistently confident profitable trader.

We’ve consulted with educators and determined the best way to rapidly train you to succeed – regardless of your experience.

Why This Training Is Different…

There’re 2 important reasons why the LeapFX Trading Academy training is better than anything you’ve used before.  It comes down to WHO is teaching you and the nature in which the training is taught.

  • First, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Aigars and I work with the team at LeapFX.  Each of us have 10+ years of experience in trading so we’ve been around the block and have experience with what works, what doesn’t, and what will continue to work.

    We provide multiple services such as automated training tools, semi-automated tools, and now trading education.  Our background – is why this training will work for you – we know what works.

    And just by the trading advice I have just given you so far – you can see that I know what I’m talking about and that I have experience.

  • Second, too many people over complicate trading. Either so called “gurus” make it seem like there’s some advanced complicated method required to succeed, or they just have been taught so many different strategies they don’t know what’s right, what’s wrong, and can’t find lasting success as a result.

    Our training teaches you to not “predict” the future, but to flow with the market and make money.  We’ve put together a clean to the point training that teaches you exactly what you need to know, then combines it all together so you can trade naturally and profitably.

    The training will sound simple, we simplified it for you, so it’s easy to learn.  And you’ll realize quickly that winning will be easy when you learn the “right” way to trade.

    Unlike books and other courses, real world examples, will help you learn.  We provide real examples and add more as we make the trades so you can continue to learn by seeing trades in action.

Don’t be fooled by those $7 and $37 courses.  There’s a reason they are cheap. 

They teach you just enough to string you along – and then they try to sell you more courses to get to the next “level”.  The LeapFX Trading Academy will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful trader, and don’t worry The LeapFX Trading Academy is more affordable than you think.

Now, let’s take a quick glimpse into what you will find…

Inside The LeapFX Trading Academy

Inside members area for the LeapFX Trading Academy you’ll find multiple sections / modules that are linearly designed to start you from beginning and pull everything together as you progress.

As a member of the academy you will get access to the following:

  • Our trading templates and software we use to assist with trading.
  • Access to 10 easy to understand training modules (and growing).
  • Market and trade analysis updated frequently to help you learn and take more intelligent trades – and learn from our trades (even join in with us).
  • Video trainings added as we create more to help you excel further as a trader.
  • Access to myself and other experienced traders at LeapFX so you can get help!

Here’s a breakdown of your training modules…

  • Navigating the Broker Platform

    Learn the ins and outs of your broker platform. How to navigate the platform, operate the charts, and more…

  • Installing and Setting Up The LeapFX Trading Template And Tools

    Everything you need to know about utilizing our tools and templates that we provide you that assist with trading Forex.

  • When to NOT trade

    There are certain times you should not trade and even consider closing out any open trades to avoid large losses – all taught in this module.

  • Which timeframe(s) to use, when and why

    Multi-timeframe analysis is part of the key to success. Learn which timeframes to use, when to use them, and why to use them at that time.

  • The MOST effective way to identify trends and key levels

    Easy to follow rules and tricks to spot the actual major trends and major key levels that matter and avoid the ones that keep getting you into trouble.

  • Patterns & Candlesticks

    Just like trends and key levels, patterns and candlesticks when used properly, are effective tools in trading.

  • Confirmations

    When you combine the previous modules and use confirmations before entering a trade, it will skyrocket your win rate.

  • Managing trades

    How you manage your trades is even more important than deciding when to enter the trade. This answers the question of when should you close trades and where to properly place stop loss and take profit.

  • Risk management

    It’s important you choose the right lot size for each trade based on your account size. This allows you to stay in the game, keep your account safe, and keep growing.

  • Bringing everything together

    Combining all the previous modules together into effective profitable trading. Learn through trade examples and market analysis – updated frequently with new materials.

How to Join The LeapFX Trading Academy Today...

Now that you’ve had a chance to better understand what the LeapFX Trading Academy is about and how it can help you gain a new trading skillset that is effective and profitable…

You are probably eager and ready to sign up and get started, but first as you are probably wondering, how much the academy costs.

Let me first start by asking you a question.

How much does college cost? $50K, $100K, even $200K?  And what do you get for it, a degree?  And no guarantee it will make you money.

Does college teach you how to make real money?  How to be a trader?  How to invest?  This training is more valuable than any school, you will learn a lifelong skillset that will make you money.

In comparison… it’s a bargain price.

To gain full lifetime access to the LeapFX Trading Academy with support and more training and content added frequently, for a limited time (seriously, the price will be going up) it’s only $697.

Unlike college, this training can pay for itself in literally just a few trades.

And do you know what college also doesn’t do?  They don’t guarantee anything.  Can’t get a job?  You still have to pay them.

Not here.  We even have a guarantee…

What you learn in the LeapFX Trading Academy works.  It really does.

Any top trader you ever meet, any professional analysts, always incorporate exactly what is taught in our trainings.  Because it works.

We are absolutely confident that our training and strategies work that we in fact guarantee you will succeed or your money back.

Here’s how it works.

You must go through the full training, study the analysis and trade examples, make a genuine effort to learn.  Then practice and trade on your trading account – actually trade consistently using what we teach you.

After you have done that, and you can show you’ve traded using the proper techniques for a reasonable time, and you absolutely cannot succeed, we will refund your full payment and we will even let you keep your full access membership.

You Have A Choice To Make Right Now That Will Dictate Your Financial Situation for The Rest Of Your Life

Investing in Forex will never disappear.

The financial markets and world are dependent upon the Forex market existing.  There will always be money to be made from it as long as you have the right tools and skill sets, which you can acquire starting today when you join the LeapFX Trading Academy.

If you want to always have the financial protection of being able to make money regardless of how the economy is doing, regardless if you have a job or not, and even make money while on vacation, because you can trade from anywhere…

Then you MUST take action today and join.

If all it takes is just a few trades for this training to pay for itself, isn’t it worth what it can do for you for a lifetime?  It would be stupid to NOT jump on this offer right now – especially with a guarantee of success.

Don’t wait, don’t stall, don’t hope something will come along that will save you.  Because it won’t.  The LeapFX Trading Academy will never be this affordable again.  Once we fill up the group, the price will go up.

The only way you will get ahead in life is if you take action and now here is your chance, right in front of you, don’t make a mistake.