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Find Out Exactly How I Made Over 70%, 1700%, And
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Are you tired of seeing other people somehow miraculously end up making a nice sum of money from Forex trading, but no matter what you do you end up losing money or struggling to stay positive?

If you are passionate about trading Forex and you are motivated to succeed and never give up, then I may have the exact answer you are looking for.

First, I know exactly why you keep losing, and I’m going to show you. Next, I’ll show you how you can fix it, and then finally I’ll provide you with the exact system that will help you annihilate the Forex market, win back your losses, and start making an actual income from trading.

All by taking the exact reason you keep failing and turning it into endless amounts of profit. Profit that will allow you to have the freedom of choice…

Want to go on vacation?
Feel like taking the day off from work?
Would you like that new car you’ve been staring at?
Do you want to remodel your kitchen?
How about pay off all your debt (living debt-free is such an amazing feeling)?

Money creates that kind of freedom and nothing is easier than making that money in Forex when you know exactly how and where to find it.

Have you ever experienced one of these
situations while trading Forex?

The answer to this very important question could radically change your Forex trading performance from loser to sky high profits practically overnight.

  • SITUATION 1: You are in a trade, it looks like it’s going in your favor, feeling confident about it, then suddenly, an incredible spike blows you into your stop loss? Costing you money and shaking your confidence.
  • SITUATION 2: Your indicators or strategy - lines you up for what seems to be the perfect trade and you walk away from the trading terminal, just to find upon your return that the trade drifted completely against you.

Unfortunately, these 2 scenarios happen way too often for traders, and it is the exact reason why many traders feel like they are on to a winning strategy, when all of a sudden, bam, your profits or worse your account is blown up into smoke.

There’s good news, there is a reason this happens to you, it’s actually not your fault…

And there is a solution for you to prevent these scenarios from happening and instead annihilate the Forex market – allowing you to double or even quadruple your trading account over and over again.

The One Thing That Causes Good Trades To Go Bad…

No matter how accurate your trade signal or system is and no matter how spot on your technical analysis is.  It can all become invalidated and rendered useless with a simple release of high impact news from almost any major country.

This could be as simple as GDP, NFP, FOMC, or more surprising such as Tariffs, Central Bank disruptions, and so much more.

Don’t worry about what these terms mean if you didn’t already, what you need to know is that this is the one major cause that turns a good trade into a bad one.

This is why most people fail at Forex.  And why many people give up at trading or throw away a strategy.  Does this all sound too familiar?  Now you know why.

So how can we fix this?  How can we benefit from the unexpected?  And make the movements expected and profitable?

Adaptive Intelligent News Trading Technology (AINTT)

With a radical and innovative automated tool that we created that uses adaptive intelligent news trading technology, also known as AINTT, you can now easily navigate the treacherous and unexpected volatility from financial news and world events.

This means there is a finally a solution for you to not only skip losing trades and blowing up your account, but actually thrive by profiting from news events…

A chance for you to easily average 20%, 50%, even up to 100% or more profit each and every month – with minimal risk, low drawdown, and mind-boggling accuracy.

Just before I show you exactly how this technology works and how you can utilize it on your own trading accounts literally starting today, I would like to introduce myself and show you why you should take me very seriously.

Why You Should Take What I Have To Say Very Seriously

My name is Leo Castle and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.  You probably have never heard of me before, and that makes sense, why would you have?

I’m not a public figure, I’ve never released one of my systems to the public, but I don’t really need to because I’m a self-sufficient trader that never has to work a job ever again.

Over my trading career of roughly 12 years, I’ve worked for various banks and funds on Wall Street helping to manage their exposure in the Forex arena.

I’ve helped them develop some of their meanest and most profitable profit taking systems that simply just tear money from the market and deposit hordes of it into their accounts.

Let me tell you, it’s mind blowing how much money these banks and funds make, especially with my help.  To say I’m good at what I do is a massive understatement.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag, but to make a point, that this software I developed is very powerful and you should seriously consider trying it if you want to have even a remote piece of the billions and billions of dollars being taken from the markets daily by these banks and funds.

If I’m So Successful, Why Am I Considering Helping You?

Fortunately for you, the team over at LeapFX made a compelling case about why I should make my news trading software and technology available to you...

And well, I couldn’t say no. Simply put here’s the 3 reasons that convinced me to help you, and I’m sure they’ll make sense to you too.

  • By sharing this system with you, it won’t stop me from making money from it. It’s not a system that can be invalidated by a large group of traders. If banks can trade billions with one single strategy, then millions won’t even make a dent (I’m certain of this).
  • LeapFX agreed to help with sales, marketing, and support, allowing me ample time to continue focusing on what I need to focus on, but don’t worry you’ll still be able to reach me personally.
  • When you’ve achieved wealth and freedom, material objects don’t have the same appeal. Helping people is different, it feels amazing and never gets old. I’ve helped friends and family make a lot of money, and the smiles on their face and the gratitude is hands down the most amazing feeling in the world. By helping you, I hope to see your life change for the better and maybe even one day I will get a message from you telling me about it.

If you don’t know what LeapFX is, you can learn more about them by watching the video here (

Now, back to what’s important.  Let’s talk about this software and everything you could possibly want or need to know about it.

Presenting… Econ Power Trader

Econ Power Trader is the only ultimate news trading software you will ever need.  This system outperforms traders and strategies with such ease that you will be able to brag about your results to professional traders, family, and friends.

And make them ALL look like complete amateurs. 

In a nutshell, Econ Power Trader is a news straddle trader.  It strategically identifies high impact news for any given day, then will utilize pending orders above and below the current price action.

Here’s what it looks like…

The system will open these orders usually a few days of every week, since there generally are at least 1 or a few high impact news opportunities at least every day or every other day from one country or another.

Now, this part sounds simple right? But there’s two tremendous key elements here and that’s: timing and positioning.  These elements took me many sleepless nights to figure out and perfect.

  • Timing

    If you open the pending orders too soon or too late, you risk triggering a trade that really should not have been triggered, putting you at significant risk of losing the trade.  So, it’s important to time these pending orders to open at the right moment.  And if they fail to trigger, they need to close immediately to avoid false trade openings.

  • Positioning

    When opening pending orders for news trades it’s important that the orders are not too far, but also not too close to the current price action.  This is to avoid false head movements that cause the trade to trigger and immediately hit stop loss, this is no fun, and a lot of amateurs get caught in this mistake.  And on the flip-side, we don’t want the orders too far away or we will miss all the profit if the trade triggers or maybe miss the trade completely.

So, we’ve established how Econ Power Trader sets up for trades.  This requires speed and efficiency, and even more importantly we need the same accuracy and efficiency when exiting the trades, because that is exactly where the money is made or lost.

This is where adaptive intelligent news trading technology comes in handy that we discussed a few moments ago.

AINTT is designed to pick the statistically most intelligent pending order positions, then open them, and manage them with impeccable timing.

We were able to give even more speed and efficiency to the built-in technology by cutting out major DLLs.

This reduces processing time, unlike other trading systems that can get bogged down with inefficiencies.

Now to discuss what happens next – trade management.

Managing Trades with Econ Power Trader

After the pending orders have been open – the high impact news event will typically happen seconds later.

If the result of the news is practically no movement in the market, then the trades will promptly be closed by the system to prevent a trigger of the pending orders into unpredictable trades that can go in any direction – we don’t want that.

Now let’s say the trades do open into active trades because of a strong movement in the market due to high impact news.

The next step is for Econ Power Trader to intelligently manage the trades using its creative technology.  Let’s talk about that now.

The system is designed to outsmart your broker and outsmart the market.  So there are a few tools built in to help you keep your profit instead of give it up like other systems.

Here’s what I mean…

  • Tight stop loss usually no higher than 15 pips to 20 pips on average.
  • The take profit usually can go as high as 100 pips or more.
  • Double trailing stop protection: stop loss will be moved up to lock in profits, but just in case broker fails to accept stop loss adjustments, the system will always intervene, and close trades automatically based on trailing stop.

Note: The dollar amount in the image below is relative to account size,
a smaller account will have smaller losing and winning trades.

Average Win: $322 / 18 Pips... Average Loss: $123 / -6 Pips
Best Trade: $2,730 Profit... Worst Trade: -$429

One important point you should notice about Econ Power Trader that you will probably not find in most or any systems is the crazy high reward to risk ratio.

As you know when news happens and when it’s worth trading, there will be a strong movement, kind of like this…

If that goes against us or doesn’t happen, we don’t want to be stuck in the trade, but if we catch it in the right direction we absolutely want to ride it fully.

So, with that logic, the stop loss is very small, so small that it barely puts even a scratch on your account if you lose the trade.

But if you win, you can win up to 100 pips!  Now that will make a huge dent of profit, right?

It also…

  • Never uses grid
  • Never uses martingale
  • Never uses cost averaging
  • Never over leverages

This makes Econ Power Trader one of the safest systems available on the market.

Now you know exactly why you can and will excel in trading with Econ Power Trader.  And just in case you were wondering, you can be an absolute beginner and still easily get this software running on your account within minutes.

Trust me you can, I had my 10-year-old niece try - she figured it out in a snap.  Let’s look at a few trading accounts that I’ve been running publicly so you can see it in action.

3 Monitored Trading Accounts

Although I’ve been running Econ Power Trader for years, I can’t disclose the accounts that I traded for banks or private funds, but I can show you our most recent accounts we opened and run to show you that it in fact works extremely well.

Here are the 3 accounts, each one has a screen shot of results, a link to the account statement, and a link to a page with verified stats. The link to the verified stats takes you to a third-party page called MyfxBook.

MyfxBook is a service that examines our trading account with login credentials to verify that is it real and shows you detailed statistics its gathered from the account.

If you have any questions about it you can email our support box at for assistance.

Account 1

Account 2

Account 3

Ready For A Radical Change - A Chance
To Actually Start Winning Big Trades?

Regardless of your previous technical or trading experience, you can win big with Econ Power Trader.  It really doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have, because you can start with a small account and little to no experience.

When you join today, you will gain instant access to Econ Power Trader, let’s go over what you get…

  • Easy Setup Econ Power Trader Software

    You get full access to the Econ Power Trader software, which can be used on any account of your choice, demo or live.  You can then switch accounts as often as you wish, anytime you want.

    The software is built into a simple installer that will automatically set most of itself up for you, it’s friendly to those with less computer experience.

  • Installation Guide + Best Settings

    Included with your software is the installation guide that shows you step by step, with pictures, how to easily and quickly install the software to have it running is as little as a few minutes.

    Already built into the software are the best possible settings that I personally use on the accounts I’ve showed you, but if you are a more experienced technical trader, I’ve included access to dozens of controls that allow you to dictate how the software runs, how it decides on what news to trade, and much more.

    All these settings are explained in the installation guide.

  • 2X Customer Support

    A system is only as good as the team that is behind it.  I passionately want to see you fully succeed with Econ Power Trader and yes, I’m beyond confident that the software alone will help you achieve positive cash flow from Forex trading.

    But there are times where you might run into a snag or you may just have a question or concern.  And I truly understand that.  I’m no different, when I buy a product or service I want to know I can get help with it if I run into any issues.

    That’s why the team at LeapFX is well versed with Econ Power Trader and will be available to serve you anytime and help you – and they will have direct contact with me if they or you need extra help.

    Although, I will most definitely be taking time to check your messages and respond to you personally as well.   So, you can expect 2x the support from all of us.

  • Updates

    As you’ve probably heard hundreds of times, the market is always changing, and that can cause strategies to stop working one day that worked for months or years.

    While this may be the case in some situations, this is not always the case and a common misconception that is spread by traders.  For example, news trading, will always work, the basis for this strategy is timeless.  It will work as long as there’s news and the markets respond to news.

    And that’s not going to change anytime soon.  So, the strategy will continue to work.  But with that said, I am somewhat of a perfectionist and love to constantly improve myself and my systems.

    This means if I find that a tweak to the strategy or the settings could squeeze out more profit for you and me, then I will make the adjustment.  And I will give you access to these changes for free, right away.

As you probably realize, Econ Power Trader is not free.  But this is for a few important reasons, that I’m sure you will understand.

  • Some of my close friends know that I’m a trader so whenever we are out to eat or at a party they usually ask me questions and want to know how they can get in on the action. Almost every single one I tried to help for FREE, end up losing interest and never really take the time to get involved. The people who end up paying me, end up making the effort and succeed. So, the bottom line is, charging a fee for my software not only motivates you to take this seriously, but also saves me time.
  • Typically, when there is a price tag, it ends up limiting the number of people using the software. Which allows myself and the LeapFX team to set aside more time to improve the software and support you, and provides funding for further development.
  • If I gave it away for free I would have 1,000s of people emailing for help and asking questions, which is not realistic to keep up with.
  • The small fee I charge is a reward for my hard work from the years and I invested into building this system and trading technology, but the fee is just a tiny percentage of what banks and funds paid me – so you are getting a massive bargain.

What is the price to get a copy of Econ Power Trader?  Well, like I said, it’s a tiny fraction of what it cost me to make it and what banks and funds paid me.

So, I can assure you now, that you most definitely can afford it.

To make it more affordable for you I’m offering two payment options and you can decide which is best for you.

Option one, you can rent Econ Power Trader for $297 per year, which averages out to $24 per month.  You can easily extract significantly more than $24 every month with Econ Power Trader even if you use a smaller account.


Option two, you can purchase a full lifetime license of Econ Power Trader and never pay ever again for just $497.  This copy easily pays for itself 100x over, as the longer you run the software, the more money it will earn you.

Is The Price Really Going To Increase?

And I’m sure you’ve heard this before that “after 30 copies have sold we will be raising the price” – No, we won’t be raising the price after we’ve sold 30 copies or 50 copies, etc.

But, I’m telling you right now, that this is the lowest price Econ Power Trader will ever be.  And I will most definitely be raising the price in the near future, this will be to control the demand for my system.

When more users realize how powerful and profitable Econ Power Trader is and start to tell their friends and family, I will be forced to raise the price to keep up with the increase of users.

I urge you, if you are serious about making a strong passive income source from Forex for yourself, then you must try Econ Power Trader now.  By locking in your copy today you get in at the lowest price and get a system that truly is capable of paying for itself and bundles of profits on top of it.

Just in case you feel like you need time to think about it, or time to decide, but you really want to lock in this price point, then why not lock in the price, try it out, and then decide if you want to keep it?

The Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Honored For Absolutely Any Reason

Here’s the deal.  You can start using Econ Power Trader today with absolutely no risk and decide if it’s right for you.  That means you can gain access right now, install it to your demo or live account and let it run and watch how it does.

If for any reason you find that it’s not a good fit for you – then send us a quick email and let us know, and we’ll refund you right away.  It’s that easy.

And if you just love the system and see that it does in fact over deliver on what we have shown you, then keep the system, you locked in an amazing rock bottom price and we’ll be happy to continue fully supporting you and the software!

The LeapFX Guarantee

Our website is dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest traders in the industry.  We do our best to test and verify all systems that we offer on our website.  Although, we are confident in the systems we list, not all systems are right for everyone.  If for any reason you want a refund we will ensure you are refunded even if we have to pay you out of our own pocket.

You Have 2 Choices…

At this point, you can either forget about this page, and keep going on with your life, continue struggling with Forex trading, and hoping that the holy grail of trading will just fall out of the sky into your lap.

Or you could understand and appreciate that Econ Power Trader, might just be the exact system you have been looking for and it’s right in front of your face this very moment.

You can keep on spending money on luxuries that will never make you money like cars, dinners, movies, fancy clothes, etc.  Or you could take some of that money and use it to help you earn recurring income from the Forex market and let that profit fund your lifestyle, makes sense, right?

Now is your opportunity to try Econ Power Trader with absolutely no risk, because of our iron clad money back guarantee for any reason at all – while locking it in at the lowest price it will ever be.

So, what do you say, ready to get started?  Just click one of the buttons below to sign up…

Try it today, risk-free for 30 days. Just pick your plan and sign up below.

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