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Dear Trader,

I used to look down my nose at scalping.

That was "something that day traders did".

It wasn't for a sophisticated guy like me: An institutional SWING trader.

But when a colleague of mine whom I respected showed me the mind-boggling safe gains he was making from scalping using a method I will soon introduce you to...

I Was Forced To Put My
"Trading Tail" Between My Legs

Sure, if someone other than he had showed me, I would highly doubt them; I'd think they were pulling a scam.

But, no, this was from a credible source... and... I had to prove it for myself.

So, to fully convince myself, I conducted independent tests and....

The Results Below Will Shock You As Much As They Did Me...

Note: These results are from a tool called QuantAnalyzer that analyzes the historical results of the software on multiple currency pairs and prepares the data.  The testing resulted in $286,000 profit.

These results came about from a scalping strategy called “asset weight management”.

Let me explain quickly what that is…

If you don’t already know, trading strategies can work and fail during certain periods, and there is no crystal ball to tell us what the market will do next and what strategy for a certain pair will work or not.

That’s why big investment firms and hedge funds invest millions in technology and hire PHDs to help them build models that can have a chance of working for a certain period and are constantly updating them.


You and I DON’T have big pockets to hire PHDs.

We are retail investors looking for better investment opportunities. Therefore, we need to think differently and…

Accept Our Disadvantages & Flip Them In Our Favor

Since we can’t (& won't) know what the market will do and when our strategies will fail and come back to work again, here’s the magic solution:

Let The Market Tell Us What To Do According To The Performance Of Each Strategy & Pair

This means: Add more weight on the most relevant pairs of the period, while reducing the weight of the less relevant. So, while our strategy is performing well in some pairs, its participation in our portfolio increases in a manner that it can cover the bad periods of other pairs.

To use this concept at its best, we created a night scalping strategy that has a high winning ratio to benefit from the asset weight balance system.

Night scalping strategies have been successfully used for a long time by traders, but they can face long negative periods, if you can't find the right pairs for the right conditions at the right periods of time.

However, by combining a night scalping strategy with the asset weight management system, we let the market control the weights of the pairs in the portfolio and thus the software and strategy is able to self-balance according to the current conditions.

So it will initially set a starting asset participation point for all pairs traded, and then after that it will update it according to each pair result. Therefore, the pairs with constant profit will have its participation increased, while the pairs that are not performing well will have its participation decreased.

Therefore, we assume that we can't forecast market behavior, and just ride the present tendencies.

The software was developed to do all the work automatically behind the scenes!

Software that shows the results of YEARS of rigorous testing.

Results you, too, could be getting starting TODAY.

Strategy Tester Results From Various Currency Pairs Over A 10 Year Period...

Introducing... DynaScalp

Hi. My name is Chris Bernell, and I used to be an institutional trader.

In that industry, we used what’s called a smart allocation system. Pared down for the retail industry, it basically automates and organizes in weighted order the currency pairs that give the most profit in specific market conditions.

Our live trading and tests prove that it works on many currency pairs, but for best performance it works best when used on these...

It uses NO GRID and NO MARTINGALE strategies.

It boasts strong news filters and closes all trades before weekends; these are protection measures to keep the account as safe as possible.

It comes pre-installed with best settings included… is completely plug and play… scalps with a high win ratio… implements stop loss on all trades along with a smart trailing stop system.

With all these features…

Who Has Time To Watch Multiple Screens All Day When DynaScalp Does All The Trading For You On AutoPilot?

I confess that I looked down on scalping because I felt it was a waste of time to be skimming small amounts of profit here and there.

It's time-consuming and thrashes you around on an emotional roller coaster no matter how you try to remain neutral.

But it's a game-changer when software like DynaScalp can scalp efficiently with such a high strike rate without lifting a finger!

Each "in-and-out" profit grab... multiple times per day.... adds up.

If DynaScalp Is So Good, Why Are You Sharing It?

I will answer that with 2 questions...



If not, I'm sorry I wasted your time reading this far.

Leave, go set up your charts for the next trading day, and prepare to get run over by the markets.

DynaScalp will be at the other end of those trades taking your money while I'm somewhere not the least bit bothered by your stress.

If not me, some other smart trader whose decided to use a smart tool like DynaScalp, will.

Bottomline: YOU WON'T WIN.

Sharing this tool with you doesn't affect me in the least.

I'll make money whether you buy it or not.

I'm simply revealing what works for me and will work for you if you want a more efficient way to trade.

Even better, I'll drop the bar of entry so low you'll feel uncomfortable to NOT do it.

Would You Invest Less Than $500 To Make 5X - 10X Your Money In Just A Short Period Of Time?

Why wouldn't you?

What good reason could you ever give to say "No"?

Especially if your investment is PROTECTED with this...

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Observe the performance of DynaScalp, and if within 30 days you're not at all happy, simply send an email and you will get a FULL, FAST refund with no questions whatsoever.

Now that I've told you upfront I've decided to bear all the risk for the first 30 days...

All You Only Need To Do Is Say "Yes" Right Now

....and get DynaScalp for the one-time investment of $397 for life.

Or you can pay $247 per year.

Your choice.

Of course, if you’re as business-minded as I am, you’ll go with the one-time option.

With the high strike rate you’re expected to experience, it’s possible you could make that profit back before 30 days pass and exceed it.

From there, you’re on your way to replicating the 500%+ profit you saw in the LIVE account on the top of this page.

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Yours For Super Scalping Profits,

Chris Bernell