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“It’s just a matter of time”

That is what I thought about every time I ever tried trading a new trading system.

Not if, but when will my account blow up, or when will I lose a large chunk of my trading account and have to start over again.

I would deposit $500, $1,000, sometimes more into an account, I would be all excited, and ready to make money – hopeful that this was finally the right system for me, and boom.


That all changed, all that fear, that anxiety, disappeared, when I decided to create my own trading system - one that entirely eliminated the riskier trading methods.

And with it – I started making money, lots of money with minimal risk.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Charlie Hudson, and I’m the developer of Bounce Trader.  I’m no one special.  I’m not famous, and I do make a lot of money trading Forex.

I try to keep a low key life and spend most of my time with my family and having fun.

I discovered a long time ago that if you can master Forex with automated systems, then you literally can print money while you enjoy all that life has to offer.

That’s why I spent years as a side hustle trying to test, test, and test systems and research trading methods, until I could find the right ones that I could count on to deliver an income for my family.

And that’s what Bounce Trader is – a system I want to share with your family, because it’s a system that I shared with mine and it’s nothing short of amazing.

20% Strategy
80% Trade Management

20% of trading is about the strategy, the other 80% is the trade management.  Without proper trade management everything falls apart – even if the strategy is super accurate.

Traders make the mistake, maybe you too, of focusing on the best strategy, but that’s a mistake.  The management of your trades is the most important piece and can determine your success or failure.

That’s why I created the Bounce Trader system to strictly trade with the lowest risk methods.

This means…

  • 1 Trade at a Time
  • No Hedging
  • No Martingale
  • No Massive Stop Loss
  • All Trades are Protected with Stop Loss and Take Profit

That is how I’ve been able to keep the account risk exposure low for Bounce Trader…

The Bounce Trader Strategy Explained

There are 3 components to The Bounce Trader strategy that determines when a trade is opened and in what direction (buy or sell).

Utilizing multiple components in a strategy is important because independently they are not as accurate, but when combined accuracy increases creating a more reliable, consistent, and profitable result.

The 3 components are trading - momentum, price action, and key levels.

Momentum: The system will determine oversold and overbought levels based on various momentum indicators.  This helps the system determine if a reversal of movement is coming.

Price Action: By examining the candlesticks, their highs, lows, size, and positioning, it helps the system to predict the direction of the market.

Key Levels: There are different levels of support and resistance in the market.  By trading around them, understanding them, and respecting them, the system increases it’s chance of success on each and every trade.

So the best part is you don’t have to worry about all this if you don’t understand it, because Bounce Trader is fully automated and trades for you, it opens, manages, and closes trades.

Here’s a video of Bounce Trader in action:

What’s even more important - you probably are wondering…

How Much Money Can I Make With Bounce Trader?

This is a common question that all investors ask and I’m certainly sure you are asking it too.  And I can’t give you an exact answer, but I can explain a few things and give you an idea of what’s possible.

First, the overall results is going to depend on your account size and risk you select.  You can choose lower risk, medium, risk, higher risk, etc.

With that said, here’s an example of multiple account sizes and returns they achieved with Bounce Trader all using same trading lot sizes - so you can understand what is possible for you.

Please Note: These trading accounts and numbers are based on using same risks at different account sizes.  You can increase the risk or decrease the risk on your account to control the profit gains. 

For example if your account is bigger such as $5,000 you may want higher returns with more risk as the account we show with $5,000 has only 5% drawdown.  If you increase it and tolerate 10% drawdown your profits could potentially more than double.

$100 Deposit - Over 4,600% Profit in A Couple of Months!

$250 Deposit - Over 1,850% Profit in A Couple of Months!

$2500 Deposit - Over 185% Profit in A Couple of Months!

$5000 Deposit - Over 92% Profit in A Couple of Months!

That should give you an idea of what’s possible with % returns in just a short period of time with the Bounce Trader.  If you allow it to run for a long period of time, the profits accumulate, compound, and can grow into a nice nest egg for you.

Designed For Absolute Beginners – Anyone Can Use Bounce Trader Regardless Of Prior Experience or Technical Experience

Bounce Trader is 100% automated.  All you have to do is install it to your Forex broker platform, Meta Trader 4.  Which is provided free by most Forex brokers (we have recommendations if needed).

It’s easy to install and comes with detailed instructions, but we are here to help if you run into any problems or confusion – so no need to worry.

Once you have setup Bounce Trader it will open, manage, and close trades for you automatically.  You don’t have to do anything it will run on its own and work to build up your trading profits.

It’s that easy.  It doesn’t matter if you have experience or no experience.  You don’t have to be tech savvy.  This investment system is for anyone looking to get a competitive edge in the Forex market with a stable low risk system.

Our Success Guarantee


Although Bounce Trader is easy to use, and a proven successful trading system, that can easily work for you.  We are well aware that not every system is for everyone and it’s important your investment is protected.

As a result, we have a 30 day success and satisfactory guarantee.  This means that if for any reason at all within the next 30 days if you are not happy with the system or success of it.  We will refund you.

There’s no catch, no hoops to jump, it’s as simple as just sending us an email and letting us know you aren’t happy and we’ll refund you.

We put all the risk on us, so you can try Bounce Trader on a demo or real account, and decide if it’s right for you, without worry.

The Bounce Trader Membership Package

When you sign up today to get you copy of Bounce Trader your membership includes important perks that will ensure you continue to thrive just like our account.

Here’s what’s included:

Full Access to Software and Guide – You get full access instantly in members’ area to the software and detailed manual.  It’s very easy to setup and user friendly.

Auto Updates – We’ve developed an over the internet mechanism that allows us to update the software and improve the settings without you having to actually make any changes.

Customer Support Package – If you have any questions, concerns, or trouble installing or setting up the software we provide hands on support to help you.

Best Recommendations – You can use any Forex broker or services you prefer, but we do provide best recommendations and best built in settings for you in members’ area.

Ready to get Bounce Trader running on your own trading account? We have two payment options, a year license or a lifetime license.  Pick whichever one you are most comfortable with and you can click the buy now button.

$347One Time Payment For 1 Year Access
  • Bounce Trader Automated Software
  • Auto Updates Included
  • Full Hands on Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% convinced to try Bounce Trader, then let me ask you one important question that may change your life.

Are you interested in this trading system because you want to increase your income?  Work less? Build up a retirement fund?

Then, the question is, if you do nothing right now, what will change?  You will make no progress on increasing your income or working less.

In order to achieve change in your life you have to take action.  So if you want change in your life all you have to do is sign up for Bounce Trader and try it.  What’s even better is – its risk free.  You have a money back guarantee for any reason, so you can try it and see for yourself.

The risk is low, and the upside for your future is huge.  Let’s do this – click the buy now button above and let’s make you money.