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How The Arbitron System Made It Easy As Pie For Us To Repeatedly Gain 3,900%, 8,420%, Even Over 21,000% Profit Month to Month All With Complete Automation

From $1,000 to $21,653 in almost 1.5 months... 21,653% profit

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Did you know that almost every trading method is based on predicting the market and trying to win with probabilities?  As in you don’t know what will happen next 99% of the time, but you hope it’s in the direction you are trading.

When you know ahead of time what will happen in the stock market, it’s insider trading and illegal, but if you know what will happen in the Forex market ahead of time, it’s actually legal.

That is what arbitrage trading in Forex does.  It’s a method that’s not predicting the future market movement, but trying to identify where the market will go on a broker based on another price feed and profiting from those differences.

We’ve developed a smooth beginner friendly system that simplifies and automates the process for you.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about arbitrage more…

What is Arbitrage and Why Does It Have Such High Trade Accuracy?

Latency arbitrage trading is a type of trading where the trader uses a special software to compare a fast price feed with a slow price feed broker.

When the price on the fast feed is higher than the price on a slow broker it creates a buy opportunity.

When the price on the fast feed is lower than the price on a slow broker it creates a sell opportunity.

This simple and frequent occurrence can bring repeated big earnings, because you know exactly where the price action is about to go.  This has allowed us to achieve returns in the 100s and even 1,000s of % profit in just a month.

Arbitrage is accurate because we are able to see where the price in the market went already, there’s no analysis, prediction or guessing, we know for a fact where the market went because we have access to a price feed that got the data faster than your broker.

That is why arbitrage is so very powerful, profitable and accurate.

Arbitrage Myths

There are a few common myths that traders have about Arbitrage that simply aren’t realistic. Arbitrage works and can make you money, let’s go over a few of the myths now and debunk them one by one.

  • “There is no delay between fast and slow brokers.”

    Retail brokers can use any kind of Forex prices. They get pricing from banks, big liquidity providers, other big brokers, etc. and then provide them to clients like yourself.

    Since the pricing feed travels a long way from the first source to client terminal, the latency in pricing will occur – even with modern software and fast wire channels. Some handle this well and the latency is minimal, while others can’t do it competently and the latency large.

    This gives us opportunities to make a lot of profitable trades. There are thousands of brokers that have large latency and don’t try to make it lower.

  • “It’s difficult to find the fastest price feeds.”

    There are a lot of fast price feeds. But the fact is that we don’t need to find the fastest. We need to know what feed most MT4 brokers use and just use that one, then make it work stable and correct for us.

    We don’t need to go a long way for the fast feed provider as a broker does.  So, we can get it in our software much faster than most of the brokers. We use powerful servers, located as near as possible to the fast feed data center (you don’t need your own for this – because you can use ours).

    Our fast price feed that is setup for our clients is much faster than 99.9% of MT4 brokers. This is one of the main arbitrage trader’s problems, finding this fast price feed, which we have already in place for you.

  • “Brokers don’t allow arbitrage trading and don’t give you your profits.”

    The situations where brokers did not give traders’ their profits were the following…

    The brokers were greedy and didn’t like that the traders made multiple 100% profit in a short period of time.   And what that means is the broker is a scam broker and doesn’t care about its own reputation.

    As long as you use respected brokers, you will be able to collect your profits.

  • “It’s illegal to arbitrage trade” (definitely not true).

    It’s absolutely legal. Some brokers can mark in their trading agreements that they don’t like arbitrage deals, but there is no way to prove that the deal was arbitrage. All they can do – cancel some profitable deals naming them arbitrage. Although this broker trick can ruin their reputation, which is important to them.

  • “Meta Trader 4 platform isn’t suitable for arbitrage trading.”

    The MT4 platform is provided free by Forex brokers and it is the best platform for arbitrage trading. It is rather slow and doesn’t allow brokers to make the price feed, order execution and other operations as fast and reliable as they want.

    It is also the most popular retail trading platform and it gets massive load from client orders on high market impulse and news movements – this situation gives us more arbitrage opportunities.

    And the last reason is the built in MQL coding language, allows for the creation of fast and stable trading algorithms.

About The Arbitron System

Arbitron is a 100% automated Forex system that trades on major currency pairs and utilizes latency arbitrage to grow your account fast with insane accuracy.

It’s the same accuracy that’s helped us net 3,900% profit 8,420% profit, even 21,000% profit in just a month.  You can see more performance proof in the next section.

Arbitron is designed with simplicity in mind.  Many arbitrage systems are large and complicated to operate.  We’ve designed Arbitron so that…

  • It’s beginner friendly.
  • It’s easy to setup.
  • It doesn’t require any complex adjustments.

You don’t need to adjust any settings to a broker or server; the system automatically detects and sets it all for you.  The system is compact and simple - providing information to help you understand what’s going on with the results, speeds, and profit potential.

Here is what the price feeding system looks like (it runs automatically for you)…

This simple pricing system is built for speed to get Arbitron the fastest pricing and beat out your brokers speed.  It goes directly to the source and gets you special pricing that normally customers have to pay enormous fees for (no membership required; we made a deal for you).

The price feeder connects to the Arbitron trading system that is running on your Meta Trader 4 and feeds it the proper data automatically – while the system trades for you:

Arbitron has a built-in protection module that makes its trades appear to be like normal operations and not arbitrage.  This is to help avoid your broker having concerns about the method you are using.

All the code behind Arbitron is intelligently designed to be keep resource use at a minimum so that it runs faster.  Anything we found not useful was removed from the coding.  This minimalist design makes the system more profitable, because speed is key with arbitrage trading.


We are constantly using Arbitron to make ourselves money and also always testing brokers.  As a result, we have a lot of performance stats to share with you.

We use a few third-party validation services that verify our records and provide account statements with statistics.  You can click on any of the images below to view the detailed statements.

From $1,000 to $22,522 in 1.5 Months

From $1,000 to $346,741 in 2 Months

From $470 to $9,582 in 20 Days

Direct Link to Stats:

From $100 to $11,496 in 1 Month

Direct Link to Stats:

From $700 to $1,400 in 1.5 Months

Direct Link to Stats:

From $1,000 to $22,200 in 2 Months

From $470 to $6,551 in A Few Weeks

From $299 to $904 in about a month

Over $15,000 Profit in Under A Month

271% Profit in A Few Weeks...

Almost 100% Profit in a few days...

Over 1,831% Profit in 5 Months...

Over 900% Profit in 1.5 Months...

From $100 to over $40,000 in Profit in about 5 months...

From $3,740 to over $53,416.84 in Profit in about 4 months...

Steady Profit, Low Drawdown...

About the Creators

Alex and Nick are both geniuses in the automated investment space.  They have multiple degrees in Finance and have worked more than 7 years in the industry in a top-5 brokerage firm.  With years specializing in automated high frequency trading on multiple stock exchanges and Forex.

For most of their careers they’ve worked together making their living from trading markets and have created sophisticated systems.  Arbitron is one of their advanced creations that they’ve been using to earn high monthly incomes with a high success rate.

Recently they were able to simplify their software so practically anyone with any experience can use it to make money like them in Forex through arbitrage trading.  This is your chance to take advantage of trading experts that have an inside track to the industry with the help of their software.

How to Buy Arbitron

If you looking for that edge in Forex trading that will help you make killer returns, not the puny small gains, but massive returns that go to and exceed 100%, 1,000%, even 10,000% range in short periods of time…

Then there’s only a few systems that are remotely capable of it and require a very specific strategy.  That’s what Arbitron is for.  It’s for high return arbitrage trading that helps you completely annihilate the Forex market and take the money that’s yours.

And it’s designed by a team of geniuses that are constantly working to improve the system while keeping it simple so that practically anyone can use it.

These numbers probably seem crazy to you, they most definitely are, but as you can see the live accounts we shared are real and verified, but just to ease your mind and give you a chance to build trust with us…

We are extending a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee to you – that’s for absolutely any reason at all.


You can download your copy of Arbitron today within minutes, with absolutely no risk.   When you sign up using the button below, you get a complete money back guarantee.

This means you can use Arbitron anyway you like, demo or live, test it out.  And if for any reason at all you are not satisfied, just send us an email and we will refund you right away.

No requirements needed.  We accept refunds for any reason at all.  Try it, decide if it’s right for you and we are here to help you either way.

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