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Welcome to the Quick Scalp Trader launch, we have a special system for you to promote!

The Quick Scalp Trader software is a unique system that automatically trades the Forex markets with trades lasting on average minutes to hours in order to limit exposure of client's trading accounts.

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Email #1

Subject: Good for your trading account

If you could automate quick trades that on average last a max

of a few hours and lock in profits quick, would that be of interest to you?

And I'm talking about quick trades that are not effected by mediocre spreads and latency?

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Email #2

Subject: A System for Those Who've Never Succeeded In Forex

You've probably heard the statistic a dozen times, what is
it - almost 95% of all traders lose money, right?

If you are in the 95% group, then it's important you pay
attention to this system and consider using it.

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Email #3

Subject: Keep failing at Forex? This might be why.

Too many people fail at Forex because they either expose themselves
to the market for too long or use too high risk.

This is probably why one of the most popular and in demand trading
methods is scalping.

Because scalping involves quick trades, which limits your risk
because trades are not in the market for long, reducing your change
of account blow outs or big losses.

Unfortunately, people still often lose with scalpers. Why?

Simply because they are using the wrong type of scalpers that just
don't work easily for most people, due to demanding speeds in
processing and trade execution.

But there is good news. There are scalpers that are easy to
operate and work. An example of one you should consider checking
out is Quick Scalp Trader.

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Email #4

Subject: This strategy will help you win more trades

Would you like to win more trades and make money trading Forex?

The most strategic way to accomplish this is quick trades that
lock in profits and move onto the next opportunity.

If you allow me, I have an excellent recommendation for you to
help implement this into your trading.

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Email #5

Subject: Who should I make this check out to?

This is almost like writing your own check every week and every month.
The newest innovative scalping system... Quick Scalp Trader.

This completely changes everything!

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